Today's News

  • Remembering the sacrifice, honoring the service

    By Congressman Bob Goodlatte

  • For the last time

    By Bill Mosley

    We closed our store, Bedford Hardware, this afternoon for the last time. And when I say our store, well, in a way I mean our in the sense of the community’s store; for in a way it was always more than a private business. 

  • What could the government be doing better

     By Don Gardner DVM
    CEO Gardner Heifers Inc.

       Last week, I met with our Congressman Hurt as he toured the Fifth District asking agriculture and small business owners what the federal government could be doing to better serve them.
        That list is certainly a lengthy one. From the EPA which inserts itself into every arena it so desires to a complicated tax code that makes it impossible to plan financially, the federal government stands in the way of our success.

  • It’s true: Republicans are dying off

        I’ve often remarked here that the basic constituency of the national Republican Party is “old white men.” It’s obviously not possible to build a future winning coalition on such a demographic.
        I was right. I refer you to a very informative article on Politico.com, which, by the way, is an essential source if you’re a political animal.

  • An antidote to student debt trouble

        This month has seen lots of graduating university seniors collecting their college degrees at schools across America. Soon, others will be collecting something from them — payments on their student loans. Almost all of these new graduates took on some level of student debt during the process of pursuing their undergraduate degree. I’ve read that the average student loan debt load upon graduation is close to $30,000. This is an average and that, of course, means that some incurred less student debt while some took on substantially more.

  • Visitors lost in Forest

        The classrooms may have been silent, but the fields of Jefferson Forest certainly were not.
        In spite of the school year’s end, JF athletes were still in the swing of things.  While others headed to the beach, the Cav baseball and soccer teams, as well as the Lady Cav softball and soccer squads, were in action during Monday’s Conference 24 opening games.

  • River runs wild

        For a place not used to hosting playoff games, Staunton River sure was a busy place on Monday.
        The Eagles’ Nest was host to a trio of Conference 31 openers while the baseball team took the night off, a benefit of being the top seed in the conference.
        Best of all, the three Eagle squads in action nabbed victories.  As a result, all four River entrants advanced to the second round of the playoffs.  When was the last time that ever happened?  It’s been a decade, at least.

  • Tracking LHS

    By Mike Forster

        You’d think things would be easy when you compete in a five-team conference.
        Well, you’d think wrong, particularly when you’re thinking about track and Conference 30.

  • Sports commentary: Welcome

        So, Liberty Christian Academy (LCA) is becoming part of the Virginia High School League (VHSL).  That has lots of folks feeling CONCERNED.
        The VHSL and LCA recently issued an announcement that ended the school’s lawsuit against the state’s high school sports governing body.
        The key take-aways from the agreement are:

  • A "Grand" evening for graduates

        Just prior to receiving their sheepskins, a good number of Bedford County athletes were feted by the Bedford Rotary.
        At a ceremony held at Jefferson Forest High School, athletes in 21 individual sports were recognized for their accomplishments, both in the fields of their athletic endeavors as well as for their scholastic accomplishments and contributions to our community.