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  • Local business owner making first professional appearance

    Sports Editor

        Making his first professional debut in the art of Muay Thai fighting, Matt Coleman started training early to make weight and get his body prepared for the fight. Coleman will fight Brad Mountain, out of Maryland, Oct. 10 at the Elite Warrior Challenge in Salem.

  • Individuals advance to state and regions

    Sports Editor

        Staunton River golf competed in the Conference 31 tournament held last Thursday at Homestead Resorts’ Cascade course. Two individuals are advancing to Regions. Will Clary qualified through the regular season. Cassidy Chambers shot an 85 at the Conference tournament last Thursday. Chambers tied for 6th overall. Regions for Conference 31 will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at Lakeview Golf Course in Harrisonburg.

  • Liberty Volleyball crushed under pressure

    Sports editor

        Jefferson Forest didn’t play as well as expected against Bedford County rival, Liberty.
        But the effort was still enough for a win. Forest defeated LHS 3-1, with all four sets close in the match on Sept. 29.  
        In the first set Liberty won 25-22; the second set was 25-20 in the Cavs favor. The third and fourth sets both ended in the same in score, 25-20 in favor of Forest.

  • Staunton River falls to Byrd

    Sports Editor

        So Close, with seconds left in Thursday’s game Staunton River trailed by just a point. Jordan Thompson tried for a 47-yard field goal to win the game but it fell short. “Our kids showed their character and we came back and took the lead in the fourth quarter,” said SR Coach Chuck Poston, “It really was a tale of two halves.”

  • Cavaliers remain undefeated

    Sports Editor
        In the beginning it seemed as if Heritage was going to give Jefferson Forest a pretty good game Thursday but that didn’t last long. The Forest offense hit high gear and led the team to a 56-19 victory.
        The Cavaliers went into the game fresh from a bye week. “I thought it went well. We jumped on them pretty quick,” said Coach Bob Christmas.

  • Liberty continues to struggle

    By Margaret Pascale
    Sports Editor
        Liberty was able to score against Amherst, but it was the LHS defense that struggled in Thursday nights 70-38 loss.
        The M-men have seen a lot of improvement with their offense putting up 38 points, however, they also gave up 70 points to the Amherst offense. 

  • The Pope reminds us of our obligation to our fellow man

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    Last Thursday, Pope Francis addressed a Joint Meeting of Congress. It was a great honor to receive Pope Francis on his first trip to the United States. He is the first pope to ever address Congress, and I am grateful for his message of hope and compassion.


  • Ben Carson and Sharia Law

    By Bob Cornell
        Ben Carson has come under fire for his non-political correct statement.  ”I would never support any person as President who supported Sharia law, or any Muslim who failed to denounce Sharia law.  Sharia law is antithetical to our Constitution and our freedom.” 
        Let’s go beyond 60-second sound bites to understand the reasons for Carson’s statements.

  • Popular Pope Francis storms the U.S.!

        Not even the death of a legendary baseball player or the resignation of the powerful House Speaker could top last week’s truest history-making event: the U.S. visit of Pope Francis, world leader of Catholics.
        Never before has a Papal visit generated such excitement, as millions of Americans attended or watched on television as the Pope stopped in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York.

  • If you want peace, prepare for war

        Last week, I questioned Hillary Clinton’s tough talk about the Middle East and Iran. While I question her sincerity, given her general lack of candor, I think every politician running for national office who wants to talk tough about our relationship with any part of the globe needs to also be a supporter of a strong military. In fact, every national politician should support a robust military force.