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  • Get out and vote

    hough the statewide elections haven’t generated a lot of excitement in this area, the local town council race in Bedford has been adding to the interest.
        In most years, town council elections take place with little fanfare. Many times the number of candidates on the ballot matches exactly the number of seats open. That is the case in the three, four-year term seats being contested—incumbents Robert Wandrei, James Vest and Steve Rush are running for those.

  • Cross country county


    There is strength in unity.

    That was shown with crystal clarity on Wednesday at Wolf Branch Farm.

    The Jefferson Forest, Liberty and Staunton River cross country teams came together to sweep the County, City, County, County Cross County Classic (or the 7C's).  The entities represented:  Bedford County, Campbell County, Nelson and Amherst Counties and Lynchburg City.

    Bedford County athletes made a romp of it.

    Girls team scores

  • Good golly, Miss Volley


    By Mike Forster



    You may recall your high school logic course.  In it, you learned such logical axioms as:  "If a is greater than b, and b is greater than c, than a is greater than c."

    Yes, well, this article is about Seminole District volleyball, so you can forget all about all those fancy-pants axioms and what-not.

  • Next up for JF: Glass


    Here's a new twist on an old joke:  What's black and blue and red all over?

    Why, it's the Black and Blue bowl, featuring the black of Jefferson Forest, the blue of E.C. Glass and, we suspect, the red of the scoreboard lighting up all night long.

    The annual contest, which features the awarding of the Med Express medical kit, usually lives up to its name, with the fierce hitting resulting in some bruised-up lads the following morning.

    This year should be no exception.

  • Next up for Liberty: Amherst


    The good news?  Liberty will save a bunch on travel costs when the Minutemen head to Amherst County this Friday evening.

    The bad news?  The savings come because the team has such small numbers.  Due to injuries and departures from the team, the Minutemen have been dressing out in the neighborhood of 30 players.

    Ah, but what success that score-and-a-half of young men has had.  For a sampling, take a look at this chart:

  • JF makes things hot for Red Devils


    They've grounded Eagles, swatted Bees and shot down Comets.

    They've beaten up on Pioneers, Raiders, Knights and Lancers.

    Their latest test came against Old Scratch, himself.  And Jefferson Forest was more than up for the task as the Cavs exorcised the Red Devils from their own stadium at Rustburg.

    JF topped the Rusties, 49-20, in improving to 8-0, overall, and 4-0 in the Seminole District.

  • Victory is theirs!


    By Jeffery McClintock

    Special to the Bedford Bulletin


    Ask any high school football player about what can  make homecoming a successful night and you'll get a wide list of items: picking up a win, having  nice weather, playing an easy opponent.

    On Friday night Staunton River got the win and nice weather but (on paper) its opponent, Rockbridge County, would be considered anything but easy. 

  • sports commentary: Alma mutter


    I apologize for my alma mater.  Only one of them.

    While I received my MBA from the University of Minnesota, I got my bachelor's degree from Cornell University.

    I often cite Minnesota in this column because I often write about football and basketball issues, sports in which the Gophers are (arguably) competitive.

    I rarely mention Cornell because it excels in sports such as fencing, crew and squash, sports that have a less robust following in these parts.  (And, no, I never fenced, crewed nor squashed.)

  • Protecting Americans’ health and safety requires more action

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Protecting your health care plan

    If you like your health care plan, you can keep it. Right? Well, despite President Obama’s promises that under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, you could keep your health care plan, millions of Americans have discovered that is simply not true.