Today's News

  • Protecting Americans’ information on HealthCare.gov

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    Hearing from those living and working in Virginia’s Fifth District has always been, and continues to be, my greatest resource as I serve you.  Your input has brought to light problems created by some of the big government programs coming out of Washington.

  • Enforcement comes first

    There are many issues plaguing our nation’s immigration system, but the biggest problem is that immigration laws are not enforced. While presidents of both parties have not fully enforced our immigration laws, President Obama has made several moves to unilaterally gut them altogether. In order to protect against this, it is essential that any immigration reform start with enforcement.

  • Another typical Republican budget

        Now that Republicans control both houses of the U.S. Congress, they’re being carefully watched to see if they actually know how to govern responsibly.
        Anybody can demonize Barack Obama, something they’ve been quite proficient at, but can the party put aside its ideological obsessions long enough to govern?
        Well, the answer, at best, is mixed so far. Certainly, their behavior over the nomination of Loretta Lynch as attorney general is not encouraging.

  • The gift of the conservatives

        I want to thank Rick Howell for his “Cracker Jack box prize” version of American history in his Liberal Agenda last week. I’ve always thought that liberals must be either ill informed or perverse to believe the things they profess to believe. Mr. Howell has a university degree but, not knowing what all is in the curriculum behind a political science degree, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. It may be a bit light on history.

  • Of primary importance

        On June 9, Bedford County’s Republicans will hold a state-run primary to elect its slate of candidates for a set of local offices—the board of supervisors seats and all constitutional officers that are up for election in November.
        But the reality is the primary results will likely actually settle who will be elected, at least in most cases, for the November general election. Put an R by someone’s name in these parts and it generally means an election victory.

  • High flying Eagles


    The Staunton River girls soccer team lost the most prolific scorer the program may ever see when Taylor Tester picked up her sheepskin in June.

    Tester, who now plays for Mars Hill University (NC), set a pair of VHSL scoring records as she scorched opponents with her speed and nose for the goal.

    But shed not a tear for this year’s Lady Eagles.  While Tester will be missed, we think there is enough talent to make a legitimate run at replicating last year’s 12-2-1 mark.

  • Not smooth sailing

        There’s no such thing as empathy in the wild.  For instance, a wounded lion is prone to attack from creatures it would normally pursue.
        JF boys soccer, welcome to the jungle.  The team that has been the dominant force in local soccer for the past two decades is limping, both figuratively and literally, into this season.

  • What happens in Vegas....


    There’s an old saying in sports: “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

    For Scott “Cujo” Sigmon, the saying could not have been more appropriate.  That’s because, due to his hard work both in and out of the ring, he’ll be boxing this Saturday night in a primo event.

    The skinny is that Cujo will go toe-to-toe with J’Leon Love at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.  Sigmon, who’s 24-6-1 (with 13 knockouts) will face an opponent who stands 18-1 (10 KOs).

  • Sports commentary: Welcome to Mar-pril


    As February is the worst time of the year for sports, the end of March/start of April is among the best.

    Just as the NCAA basketball tournaments will be hitting full stride, baseball’s Opening Day will kick into gear.  And you’ll get the big NASCAR race at Martins-ville, to boot.

    This time of year is rivaled only by October, with its full slate of college and NFL games plus the MLB playoffs.

    So, enjoy Mar-pril!  February will be here soon enough.

  • Room to grow

    By Mike Forster

        Is this the year it all comes together for the Liberty boys soccer crew?