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  • Remembering those who have served

    President Calvin Coolidge once said, “The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.” While these words were spoken long ago, they are still words that we must abide by today. We cannot forget our defenders of freedom who have sacrificed so much for this great nation. As Americans, we must remember the men and women who have answered the call to serve both in times of war and peace. Our veterans have stood guard on distant battlefields and here at home to protect the liberties at the core of the United States.

  • GOP: Be careful what you want

    The national Republican Party flexed some real muscle on Election Day and got what it wanted, flipping control of the U.S. Senate and increasing its House majority as well.
        Democrats knew they had a tough assignment, defending Senate seats in many states that traditionally vote Republican, including the South, where rural conservatism produces, in knee-jerk fashion, reliable Republican votes.

  • Hope and change

        The first thing that came to my mind when I learned that American voters delivered control of the Senate into Republican hands was “hope and change.” 

  • Our veterans

    They are our neighbors, our teachers, our friends.
        They volunteer at the local food bank, coach our child’s sports team, sit beside us on Sunday morning at church.
        Some are quite elderly; some still very young.
        They are this nation’s veterans and they’ve served this nation with honor, with valor, with courage.

  • Beloved coach to retire


    It changed his life.

    And he certainly changed many lives, in turn.

    This Saturday, Jefferson Forest Head Coach Jerome Loy will coach the final cross country event of his distinguished career.  The ol' coach is wrapping up his run at JF, hanging up his whistle and going out on top. 

    However the black and red perform, Loy will walk off the course at Great Meadow a winner.  Certainly, getting another State championship ring to go along with the eight he already has would be a nice parting gift.

  • Runnin' to States


    Those that run together won together.

    The Jefferson Forest girls' cross country team romped to victory in the 4A-North regional runoff last Thursday.

    Meanwhile, the vastly improved JF boys' team punched its ticket to States (this Saturday at Great Meadow) by landing in fifth place at regionals.

  • Two for the show


    Well, at least the traveling will be light.  The games, themselves?  Probably not.

    Bedford County residents wanting to catch the first round of the playoffs will have two options within the county limits.  Liberty entertains Brookville in a 3A-West opener.  Meanwhile, Jefferson Forest gets its 4A-North sojourn underway by hosting Loudoun County.

  • Ending on a high note


    By Jeffery McClintock

    Special to the Bedford Bulletin


    Folks, Staunton River closed out its season with a 56-42 victory over visiting Alleghany on Friday night. But, rest assured, the game wasn’t that close.

    On a night honoring the seniors of Staunton River athletics it was the seniors who contributed in big ways.

    For instance, senior Clay Feazell ran for 78 yards on nine carries tallying two scores and Daniel Scott recorded a sack and recovered two fumbles. 

  • Sports commentary: Trophy trappings


    Well, we're heading into mid-November.  This is the time of year for leaf rakin', turkey eatin' and Heisman talkin'.

    That's right.  It won't be long before some young man heads to the podium to collect the second coolest-looking trophies in all of sports (after the Stanley Cup).

    Prior to the start of the season, I took up a friendly challenge from my nephew, Sean.  We each picked five players who we thought had the best shot at winning the Heisman.

  • Constituent services are a top priority

    While people often associate the work of Congress with debates on legislation, our office provides a variety of additional services of which you should be aware.  We have a dedicated staff that is at your service to assist you with any federal matter.