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  • Could town get a rail stop?

        Bedford Town Council discussed a couple of items on its wish list last Tuesday, including having rail service stop in Bedford and, for at least some council members, have a new high school built in the Liberty Zone.
    Rail service
        With the planned return of rail service to Roanoke, and the success of the Lynchburg passenger service, council would like to see Bedford be considered for a stop since the proposed expansion will pass right through Bedford County and the town.

  • Guns in the classroom

        Speakers during the citizen’s comment period at last week’s board of supervisors meeting gave a thumbs up to the supervisors' decision to ask for legislation that would allow school staff to carry guns on school property.

  • A special bunch of young ladies


    Running is supposed to be an individual thing.  Yet, the Jefferson Forest girls cross country team proved itself to be a team through and through.

    A team of champions.

    Here's how a team wins as a team:  Nearly every JF runner was the top finisher at her position.  That is, Madelynn Knight, the freshman whiz kid, was faster than any other team's second-best runner.

    Alyssa Shupe, who has fought issues with her ankles, was the best third-place team runner.

  • 'State' of euphoria


    Those ladies can run!

    The Jefferson Forest girls cross country team capped a superb season by winning the State 4A crown Friday at Great Meadow.

    It was a belated birthday gift to Head Coach Jerome Loy, who marked his special day exactly one week before the meet.

    Most folks check Social Security options on their 65th birthday.  Loy was busy  checking splits.

  • Sports commentary: Local is good


    When it comes to college sports, there's something to be said for in-state rivalries.

    Well, at least I hope there is, seeing that I have 20 column inches here that need filling up with thoughts about the topic.

    Check that.  I need to fill  18.5, as I've already used up  a bit with the intro.  And, according to my editor, those (now) 18 inches of writing had better be pretty darn good.

  • Loss caps up & down year for M-Men


    "May you live in interesting times."

    -Ancient Chinese curse


    The Liberty football team, one that has lived this season in interesting times, saved the best for last.

    The Minutemen's loss to Magna Vista in the opening round of the playoffs was the pièce de résistance of a season that was loaded with high drama and hard feelings.

  • Hasta la Vista, baby


    One hundred points.

    One thousand yards.

    Forty nine broken hearts.

    Those were the key statistics from Liberty's playoff opener, held Friday night.

    The Minutemen were on the slightly shorter end of a 51-49 loss to Magna Vista.

    In a game where each team racked up over 500 yards, it was the Warriors who came away with the final, deciding score.  That touchdown sent the 49 lads who make up the Liberty team from soaring joy to harrowing despair.

  • 60-year-old woman guilty of embezzling money from Witt Mechanical

        A 60-year-old Lynchburg woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to embezzling more than $100,000 from Witt Mechanical in Bedford over a four-year period beginning in 2009.
        Vicki Elkins McPhearson entered guilty pleas in Bedford County Circuit Court to three counts of embezzlement and three counts of money laundering.

  • Honoring America’s veterans
  • Dr. D’s Health Tips

    By Alan Denekas, MD
    Medical Director, Emergency Department
    Bedford Memorial Hospital

        Fall brings to mind many wonderful images,  like  red and gold leaves, harvests rolling in, sipping hot chocolate or cider in front of a crackling fireplace or gathering with loved ones around a full Thanksgiving table.  There are a number of things we can do to ensure that the season fulfills its promise of being healthy, warm, safe and fun.