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  • Guest commentary: Hannah Steele


    It's Friday evening. What to do, what to do? Yard work or spend those hours out watching a high school spring sports game?

    For those of you who enjoy gardening, weeding, and mowing more than a sports game, you can stop reading now.

    For those of you who enjoy watching sports games while sitting on cool metal bleachers eating delicious junk food, you are in luck.

  • Cavs edge M-Men nine


    You can call it a moral victory.  But the Minutemen baseball crew seems quite a bit more interested in the victories that show up in the W-L standings.

    Liberty played Jefferson Forest tough, once again.  But it was the crew from Forest that prevailed, sweeping its season series with the Minutemen by virtue of a 4-0 win at Liberty's Jim Cutler Field.

    It comes on the heels of a 2-1 win by JF over the Minutemen at Forest.

    The win kept the Cavs in contention for the Seminole District's regular season crown.

  • Who are these gals?


    Who are these gals?

    The Jefferson Forest softball crew, renown for its pitching and defensive acumen, suddenly is mistreating the ball with a vengeance.

    The Lady Cavs' muscle flexing seemed to peak last Friday evening as they belted an astonishing 19 hits in mauling Liberty on the Lady Minutemen home field.

    The final score was as bloody as it was sobering:  11-3.

  • Blanks and booms


    They're starting a new tradition.  Unfortunately for Liberty, the Minutemen were the first to be pilloried in that new tradition.

    Jefferson Forest, which will not win a Seminole District regular season title for the first time in over two decades, took out its frustration on the Minutemen, pounding the Libertarians at Minutemen Stadium.

  • Ocho de Mayo


    In the Jefferson Forest team room sits a white board.  Across the top of that board the following message is scrawled:  JF girls soccer State champs.

    Whether that thought proves prophetic remains to be seen.  What is clear, at this point in time, is that the Lady Cavs are poised to become the 2013 Seminole District champs.

  • April monthly video address

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    Communicating with the people of Virginia’s 5th District and hearing your feedback is very important to us. In order to ensure that we keep you up to date on what is going on from month to month, we record a monthly video address. You may watch the video address on our website at hurt.house.gov, and you may read the address below:


  • Seeking answers on Benghazi

    Congressional efforts to uncover more details about the terrorist attack on September 11, 2012 in, Libya continue.  Just a few days ago, I released a report on the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.  This report is part of an ongoing review of the events that led to the death of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.


  • House GOP candidates a scary bunch

    Surveying the local Republican field that wants to replace Del. Lacey Putney leaves me wondering whether I should laugh or cry.
        Putney wasn’t even much of a moderate, but listening to the extremist remarks of the “gang of four” that want his job, well, let’s just say we’re all going to have our own reasons for missing him.

  • Pin the blame tail on the donkey

        Rick Howell doesn’t have to worry about me going soft on Barack Obama, a concern he expressed in last week’s Liberal Agenda. I still think President Obama is a disaster. I also remain convinced that Barack Obama hates America, that is, he believes the United States has been a force for evil in the world and he wants to dismantle our global influence.

  • Appreciating teachers

    Many schools will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week this week or next and hopefully students and parents will take that opportunity to let Bedford County’s teachers know they are, indeed, appreciated.
        Unfortunately that sentiment didn’t come out from last week’s Board of Supervisors meeting.