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  • Sports commentary: Dribs and drabs


    Here are a couple of items for your consideration.  I wanted to share them, but I couldn't stretch any of them into a full column's length.

    Consider it housecleaning for the old noggin.


    While I must confess to having never heard of Diana Nyad prior to last week, I am startled by her accomplishments.

  • Bring on the Bees


    Now is the time to strike.

    There is not a member of the current Liberty team that has experienced a varsity-level gridiron win over Brookville.

    Well, the whole crew gets a chance to change that, when the Bees head to town this Friday.

  • In the soup


    Having gone 0-for-2 against its county rivals to start the season, Staunton River will turn its attention to a new friend this Friday evening.

    That's when the Eagles will host William Campbell.

    While the Generals have a fine football tradition, things haven't been rosy in Naruna lately.  Campbell has failed to have a winning season in any of the previous four years.

  • Appomattox next for Cavs


    There's no surrender in Appomattox.

    Jefferson Forest will find that out when they head to the place "where our nation came together" for a fight on the gridiron.

    In what promises to be the biggest challenge to the Cavs thus far, JF will head to Appomattox.  Both teams enter the fray with 2-0 marks.  Only one will leave the gridiron still unbeaten.

    The schools aren't complete strangers:  Appomattox got to play Jefferson Forest twice in recent memory.  

  • No Rocky road for Minutemen


    It looked a lot better in the rearview mirror this time.

    The Liberty football team departed the unfriendly confines of Rockbridge County's stadium in much finer spirits than they did just three games ago.

    Liberty 39, Rockbridge County 19.

    When the two teams squared off at the Rockhouse last season, the Wildcats ended the Minutemen season in the equivalent of an Old West shoot-em up.

    Last time, Liberty blundered its way through the game's early going, allowing the Rockies to build an insurmountable edge.

  • JF swamps River


    The Staunton River Golden Eagles came to the fight with a few swords, their fists and a whole lot of grit.

    Jefferson Forest, on the other hand, brought a bazooka, a howitzer, a tank and a couple of bulldozers.

    The Cavs used their superior armory to advantage, blasting the host Rivermen to the tune of 56-13.

    The blitzkrieg, it would seem, had come to Moneta.

    From the opening kickoff to the closing whistle, the Cav offense moved with precision and, most importantly, speed.

  • The latest effect of the President's healthcare overhaul

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    Over the course of my time in Washington, my Republican colleagues in the House and I have made it a priority to develop a way to bring meaningful reform to our healthcare system that does not harm our economy and reduce jobs.  Americans deserve a plan to reform healthcare in a way that does not put our small businesses and families at risk with overwhelming tax increases and unnecessary regulatory burdens.


  • Let’s end federal policies tipping the scale in favor of ethanol

    What federal policy harms a diverse group like livestock producers, food banks, families, restaurant owners, and truckers? Believe it or not, it is the promotion of corn as a fuel source in the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).


  • Time to face the facts

        They say politics makes strange bedfellows.
        Apparently, so does snooping.
        Through projects, such as the once-top secret PRISM program, the NSA has developed the means to do a whole lot of prying on the citizens that pay for its existence.  That’d be you and me.
        Now, there has been a lot of ink (and I wish there was a lot more) expended on how dangerous such programs are to our fundamental freedoms.

  • GOP misses an opportunity

    On Aug. 28, Americans of all races, ages and gender came together in Washington, D.C. to remember the historic “March on Washington” in 1963, the event that featured the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
        President Obama rose to the occasion with a fabulous speech, reminding the nation that those who marched and protested back then were the very agents of change that have improved race relations ever since.