Today's News

  • From toilet paper to tools

        This year, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office’s pre-Christmas activities included arresting four suspects on burglary charges.

        And finding a variety of stolen items.
        A fifth suspect is still at large. According to Sheriff Mike Brown, the five have allegedly committed multiple burglaries in Bedford County since early last fall.

  • Cavs run with big boys

      Don't count 'em out, yet.  At least don't count 'em out of the Regional picture.

  • Sports commentary: Click, click

      I am a sports photographer.

  • JF grapplers seize championship

      If it keeps this up, Jefferson Forest's wrestling team is going to find itself on the persona non grata list (or whatever the Latin phrase for "team not welcomed" is).

  • Glass sharp against M-Men

      There are some key attributes that a basketball team needs to have in order to be good.

  • Liberty's lasses befuddle Glass's

      A streak of brilliance has appeared.

  • Ron Paul and the Libertarian fringe

    As you read this, I’m betting that Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucuses, or at least finished very strong for a guy who barely campaigned there until the last week.
        Many Republicans seem to be coming to their senses and ready to pick the guy who can offer them the best chance of victory, and that’s always been Romney.

  • My predictions for 2012

        Sometimes, when I’m in a long check-out line at the grocery store, I’ll glance at those tabloids that you see there. I wouldn’t actually pay money for one of those things, and I probably wouldn’t even pay attention to them if it wasn’t for the fact that I get really bored. You know which ones I mean. Some have celebrity gossip. Then, there are those that have headlines like “Two-headed Man Gives Birth to Iguana.”

  • Commission on Local Government to look at Bedford reversion agreement

        Bedford’s reversion to town status still has a long road to travel.
        Ever since the Bedford County Board of Supervisors and Bedford City Council voted, in September, to approve a reversion agreement between the city and county, city and county staff have been assembling a packet of information to send to the Virginia Commission on Local Government.  According to Bedford City Manager Charles Kolakowski this commission looks at all agreements between local governments in the Commonwealth.

  • County has $3 million left from past fiscal year

        A lot of people have leftovers after holiday meals. An audit, completed last month, revealed that Bedford County has leftovers of a different sort — $3 million that was appropriated but not spent during the 2010-2011 fiscal year, which ended on June 30. The savings was a achieved by not filling vacant positions unless absolutely necessary and not replacing equipment that wasn’t vital.
        What will the supervisors do with this money?