Today's News

  • Terminate the Stalin bust

        The National D-Day Memorial has grown into a place of inestimable value for America and those here and abroad who want to honor Allied forces on D-Day, 6 June 1944. It is well-conceived, superbly designed, and enriched with inspired statuary and plaques. The memorial is a place to be revered. Few, if any, other memorials can compare to its quality. I feel honored and proud to be able to support the memorial and volunteer there as a tour guide. Other volunteers feel similarly, I am sure.

  • WBLT Black History spots

        The Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library is pleased to provide the following in honor of Black History Month.

  • Legislators less likely to file legislation that costs

    For the second week in a row, the weather became a main topic of discussion at Mr. Jefferson’s Capitol.  The arrival of a record-breaking snowstorm affecting about two-thirds of the state caused the General Assembly members to return home for the weekend a day early. The goal was to get legislators and staff member’s home, and off the roads, safe and sound. 

  • The ‘tea party’ represents nothing new

        As this was written, the “tea party” activists were holding their first national convention in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring as their keynote speaker none other than the infamous Sarah Palin.

        If you haven’t followed the story of what’s being called a new political movement in America, the tea party crowd popped up during President Obama’s first year in office, taking their name, of course, after the original colonists who waged the Boston Tea Party protest against British rule.

  • This should make everybody mad

        Like just about everybody, Bedford County Public Schools is facing a tough budgeting year. The school system is facing a shortfall of between $5 and $8 million. It would obviously take a monster tax hike to plug this hole, so the school board is going to have to make substantial cuts.

        Now, who can I anger with my suggestions?

  • Halfway to perfection

    The going just got a whole lot smoother for the Liberty Minutemen.

  • Lady Eagles making Ridge foes Blue

    When the girls basketball season opened, the Staunton River girls were expected to take their lumps in the Blue Ridge.

  • Glass sweeps doubleheader at JF

      E.C. Glass played the role of thankless guest, as Jefferson Forest dropped both ends of a varsity double header to the Hilltoppers last Saturday.

  • Eagles share grappling crown

    When it was announced that Staunton River would leave the Seminole District for the Blue Ridge, the move was seen as a mixed bag.

  • Liberty takes County indoor crowns

    Liberty swept its County rivals in a three-team meet last Wednesday.