Today's News

  • 255 years of history

    The Bedford County’s Sheriff’s Office has a long and storied history.  The county’s first sheriff, Joseph Ray, took office when Bedford County was first formed in 1754.

        Now it is in the process of compiling as much of that as possible.

  • With thanksgiving

    In any given year, the reality of life is that one enjoys both blessing and hardship, triumph and defeats.         Many times it is easier to recount the struggles, than to focus on the blessings. Let this week once again provide the impetus to focus on the blessings.    

  • Letters

    Getting the


        I am going to try to clear up this little matter about Bedford Primary School’s cafeteria floor. I’m one of the custodians at this school.

        Yes, we do need a gym. But we need to get it in a truthful way. But you do not have to bring the custodial staff down in the process. If Mrs. Owens worked a day in the custodian staff shoes, she would find that the comment she made about the cleanliness of the cafeteria floor was and is wrong!

  • McDonnell’s own Jeremiah Wright

        It didn’t take Pat Robertson long, did it?

        He couldn’t even wait until his younger protégé, Bob McDonnell, was sworn in as the next governor of Virginia before he put the spotlight on himself.

        In the wake of the Fort Hood shootings, Robertson took a new opportunity to make an ignorant and hateful remark about Muslims, something he’s done before. This time, though, he set a new standard in expressing his loathing for Islam.

  • Gone over the edge

        I’m still not sure what to make of Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist who allegedly killed 12 soldiers and one civilian employee of the Army at Fort Hood three weeks ago. I use the phrase “allegedly killed” because, under our legal system, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

  • Numbers game

    Not even a 51-26 loss to Northside in the season finale could derail the Staunton River express.

  • Liberty tops Heritage; is tops in Division 3

    When practice kicked off this summer, Liberty Head Coach Chris Watts wasn’t sure what he had on his hands.

  • Bees bring Cavs' season to a close

    It wasn’t supposed to end like this.

  • Lady Cavs are top regional runners

    Jefferson Forest left no doubt as to which is the best girls’ team in Region III.

  • Living the dream--sports commentary

      I often state that I have the world’s greatest job.  After all, I get to go to a bunch of ball games for free, take pictures and then write whatever I feel like writing.