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  • Sharing their stories

    Their numbers are thinning.

        Dr. William McIntosh, director of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation, notes that thousands of D-Day veterans showed up for the D-Day Memorial’s dedication in 2001. Hundreds showed up for the 60th anniversary of the largest amphibious assault in history. There numbers were smaller at Saturday’s 65th anniversary, but a number still made it and had stories to tell. Building bridges under fire

  • Students learn SOLs while finding cache

    Owen Hughes and Addison Craft look intently at their GPS receiver. “Fifteen feet,” the device indicates. The two Forest Elementary fifth graders know they are close. They search in the bushes. Then the grass. They look behind the sign. There it is — they’ve found some geocache.

        They pull out a sticker, find where they are on the map and place it on that spot. Then, in an instant, they’re off again, looking for the next hidden “treasure.”

  • Conference provides chance for veterans to share stories

    Saturday’s ceremony at the National D-Day Memorial was preceded by a two day conference, called Overlord Echoes, held at Liberty University. Like Saturday’s ceremony, D-Day veterans were present.


    Don’t forget the

    Coast Guard

        Jack Read has heard all the jokes about his branch of service — Knee Deep Navy, Shallow Water Sailors. A vigorous 87-year-old, Read wants the United States Coast Guard to have the respect he feels it deserves.

  • Riddle on the Harp

        You may have seen and heard Riddle on the Harp perform at various local venues.

        The all female group, all of them Bedford County residents, first got together around the turn of the century. It started when Patti Black’s husband gave her a gift.

        “My husband surprised me with a hammer dulcimer and kind of created a monster,” commented Patti Black, a former attorney.

  • Liberty University shows its true colors

    Anyone familiar with the political mindset at Lynchburg’s Liberty University should not be surprised that the little college has banned its Democratic party student chapter. The real shock is that it ever allowed one in the first place.

        The very existence of the humble and courageous chapter, a handful of proud Democrats in a lion’s den of right-wing religious fanatics, is due to the high popularity of President Barack Obama among young people.

  • A theological response (Part II)

        This is the remainder of my attempt at the theological response that David McLoughlin sought for his letter published in our March 13 edition.

        I’ll make one last note on the Old Testament before going on to Mr. McLoughlin’s allegation that the New Testament contains multiple, conflicting Christologies.

  • Just go away

      A couple of years ago, the wife left me on my own for a few days.  I immediately shifted into bachelor mode, which included diet (or lack thereof).

  • Cav nine edges Eagles to finish 10-2

    How did this team finish 0-12?

  • Lady Cavs top Minettes, tied by Eagles in soccer action

    Jefferson Forest took care of Liberty, 5-0, to clinch the Seminole regular season crown.

  • Cavs boot Eagles to complete perfect season

    While many coaches would envy Jedd Zaring’s position, the head coach of the Cavaliers is less than thrilled.