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  • The wealthy must pay more taxes

        Finally, President Barack Obama has adopted a crusade that is not only correct, reasonable, and completely fair, it’s one that clearly has popular support and could help him win re-election.

        One of the reasons our deficit is so high has been the continued policy of providing tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Ronald Reagan was the first to pursue this. He combined this particular revenue loss with massive military spending, and that’s what started the country on the road toward the high deficits of today.

  • Rallying his base

  • PETA goes over the edge

    If there was ever any doubt about how far out of the mainstream the folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are, last week’s news should put that to rest.

        PETA, based out of Norfolk, announced it plans to use pornography to promote its cause.

  • Benefit softball game will raise funds for Bedford Domestic Violence Services

        Some pastors from the Forest area are getting ready to take on some law enforcement and firefighters in a benefit softball game set for Monday, Oct. 17.

        The game, which is to raise funds to help the Bedford Domestic Violence Services, will begin at 7 p.m. at the Forest Youth Association Athletic field on Thomas Jefferson Road. It’s $3 to attend with proceeds going to the shelter.

  • Republican headquarters opens

        Bedford’s Republican Party headquarters is open for business on North Bridge Street in Bedford.  The site they chose is in the store front most recently occupied by Ranch Road. According to Nate Boyer, chairman of the Bedford Republican Committee, the site was chosen because its Centertown location gives them better exposure to foot traffic. This was especially important as they opened in time for Centerfest and this location placed them in the middle of the festival area. Boyer said that it also gives them space for larger events.

  • Few turn out for reversion meeting

        The turnout was less than what local officials had hoped for, but those attending last Thursday’s meeting on reversion in Bedford City Council Chambers had ample opportunity to get their questions answered.

        “The city is not in economic distress,” Bedford City Manager Charles Kolakowski said about Bedford’s decision to revert from a city to a town. “We’ve looked at this as a positive step for both parties.”

  • Board approves funding for additional teachers

        At its last meeting in August, the Bedford County School Board voted unanimously to amend the school division’s staffing standards to add an additional teacher to each school with less than 250 students. This will result in hiring seven additional teachers.

        In order to pay for that, the school board had to ask the board of supervisors to move $300,000 from the school maintenance category to the operations category to cover the cost. The supervisors unanimously approved that transfer at their regular meeting Monday night.

  • Sentences handed down in murder case

        Sometimes you just have to play the hand you’re dealt.

        That was certainly the case in Bedford County Circuit Court last week for Commonwealth’s Attorney Randy Krantz who had two different defendants—claiming two different accounts about the disposal of the body of Sean Placko—sentenced for the same crime.

  • A good year for apples

        While some county agricultural operations got hammered by dry weather this summer, orchards have been an exception.

  • Protecting jobs from government interference

    By Congressman Robert Hurt