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  • Sports commentary: The wrong call

      Moronic.  Baffling.  Maddening.

  • Auld Lang Zing

    Just when we thought we had a grip on the Seminole.

  • Looking ahead to the 112th Congress

    This week marks the official start to the 112th Congress.  Members of this new Congress, including myself, will be officially sworn into office by the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner.  We face many challenges as we enter into this historic session, including out of control government spending, record unemployment numbers, and many others.  These issues touch the lives of every American.  

  • Time to file claims for 2010 medical expenses

  • Haley Barbour’s Southern fried mess

        Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is very proud of his “Southern heritage.” It’s something he wears on his sleeve.

        A Republican who’s thinking about running for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, Barbour recently got into trouble with some clueless comments about his beloved state.

  • This should be a fascinating year

        Right now, things aren’t looking good for the donkey party. In addition to being rejected by the voters in the midterm elections, census results show that states where Republicans have done well also showed an increase population. States that have been “Democratic” strongholds lost population.

  • Stanley heads into homestretch of race

    It’s not November, but there is an election next Tuesday.

        Robert Hurt’s election to the House of Representatives in November has left his Virginia Senate Seat vacant and Bill Stanley, a WestLake area attorney hopes to fill it. Stanley has previously served as the 5th Congressional District Chairman for the Republican Party.

  • Direction changes for improvements to zoning ordinance

    The new year means a change of direction on efforts to improve Bedford County’s zoning ordinance.

        Bedford County adopted its current zoning ordinance in 1998 and, for the past couple of years, the county’s planning department has been working on developing a new ordinance to replace it. Last year ended with a decision by the supervisors to drop that idea and, instead, modify the existing ordinance.

  • Planning director hired for Bedford County

    A new year brought a new job for Tim Wilson. Wilson has been hired as Bedford County’s new director of community planning and development.

        Monday was his first day on the job, in an office that still has a barren, spartan appearance because he has not yet had the chance to bring in any personal items. The day involved learning how the computer system and the phone system works. Wilson notes that every local government handles these a little differently.

  • Timeline for return of Stalin bust to Memorial not yet set

    Reports that Joseph Stalin may soon return to the National D-Day Memorial site may be premature.

        “We don’t have any finalized plans,” said Robin Reed, director of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation. “We are still looking at designs.”