Today's News

  • Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights draws bipartisan support

    Last week, the House passed the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights Act of 2009, which would create new protections for consumers facing excessive credit card fees, sky-high interest rates, and unfair, incomprehensible credit card company agreements. I voted in favor of the bill. In addition, the House passed with wide bipartisan support an amendment I wrote that would require credit card companies to have a 6-month minimum period for promotional rates, or “teaser” rates, which primarily target college students.

  • Our teachers deserve our appreciation

    It’s that time of year when warmer weather returns and students all across Virginia are preparing for their final tests of the school year while dreaming of their summer vacation. But it is also important that as the school year winds down we thank the hard working teachers who educate our children.

  • Sorry doctor, but Lori Berenson is no criminal

        My column on Lori Berenson, the young American woman held prisoner in Peru, received a rather vicious and judgmental response from my conservative colleague on this page.

        Instead of calling him “doctor,” as I have in the past, I think he should be called Judge John Barnhart, because he surely sat in severe judgment of this young woman.

  • Cuba is irrelevant

        President Barack Obama has already taken all the reasonable steps he could to be nice to Cuba.

        President Obama reached out to the Cuban government by lifting the Bush administration restrictions on the ability Americans, with relatives in Cuba, to send money to family members there and visit them. He also opened the door for American telecommunications companies to do business there. This, of course, depends on the Cuban government allowing it.

  • Economic times hit city budget

    Bedford City Council will consider a request by city staff to increase personal property taxes in the upcoming 2009-2010 budget to help offset funding decreases in other areas.

        City Manager Charles Kolakowski presented the staff’s working budget to council Tuesday night, which includes the proposed personal property increase, but no increases in the electric rate, the water and sewer rates or the real estate tax rate.

  • Generations

    “The apple falls not far from the tree.”

  • Home run bonanza pushes Minettes past River

    For a team that had hit only one home run in its first 11 games, the Liberty Minettes took on the look of Murderers’ Row against Staunton River.

  • Minutemen take River in diamond action

    Jarid Jones is obviously no fan of cold weather.

  • Don't be a Derby rookie--commentary

      With the month of April winding down, we all know what will soon be upon us.

    No, I don’t mean the possibility of two consecutive days without rain.

  • Cav booters still undefeated--boys' soccer roundup

    Jefferson Forest may not be winning with the crushing scores of past Cav soccer teams.  But this year’s version is more than happy to take close victories as long as it stays undefeated.