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  • Don’t let ‘Scrooge’ ruin your holiday

    By Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown


    Emergency: Dial 9-1-1

  • End the wars; cut military spending

        Do you ever wonder how it could be that most Americans are so unconcerned, so blasé, about a U.S. war in a strange, foreign country where we have now been embroiled for nearly 10 years?

        How many of us, in our daily routines, ever even hear people talking about this war, one way or the other? Either for it or against it? While the Iraq war was raging, during Bush’s last term, Afghanistan was occasionally mentioned as “the forgotten war.”

  • You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

        Rick Howell made an interesting effort, in last week’s The Liberal Agenda, to make Nancy Pelosi seem like just a sweet li’l ol’ granny. When Granny Pelosi rammed a massive health care reform bill though the House of Representatives, she had our best interests at heart. She just wants to make sure we all have good health care when we get a runny nose.

  • For now it’s a fair compromise

    The President’s willingness to reach an agreement with Republicans on controversial tax issues is the right step to take. The real question now becomes whether the Democrats in Congress will follow suit and actually pass the proposal.
        That’s a lot less likely.

  • Burns leave local farmer with some major bills

    A long journey for a Bedford County dairy farmer began with a routine day’s work. It was Oct. 9.

        “A very lovely autumn afternoon,” recalled Danny Cottrell. “I was raking hay.”

  • Coast to coast

    A grandmother is walking across America to call attention to the need of bone marrow donors.

        Jeana Moore’s journey started in Seattle, Wash., on Oct. 19, 2009. After strolling down the West Coast to Los Angeles, she turned eastward. She walked through Bedford County recently, her route taking her down U. S. 460 with stops in Bedford and Goode. She’s been walking between 12 and 15 miles a day.
        “During the summer, I was doing 18 to 20 through the desert,” she said.

  • School board to take close look at budget

    The Bedford County School Board will look at the upcoming year’s budget line by line, looking for savings.

        Randy Hagler, the school division’s chief financial officer, believes he has already found one place to save. Hagler presented his idea to the school board during a marathon work session last week.

  • So how much snow will we get?

    The National Weather Service expects our winter not to be as wet or cold as last year—a year that brought several larger-than-normal snow storms.

        "We are in a La Niña pattern where it favors warmer weather,"said William Perry of the Weather Services' Blacksburg office.
        El Niño/La Niña is an oscillation of temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. During El Niño, water is warmer in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. During La Niña, it's colder.

  • Former SRHS coach pleads guilty

    Former Staunton River High School teacher and football coach Richard Isaac Witt could face up to 10 years in jail after pleading guilty Tuesday morning to 10 misdemeanor counts of having consensual sexual contact with a minor.

        Sentencing is scheduled for March 1 in what is expected to be a contested hearing from both the defense and prosecution.
        What does Bedford County Commonwealth’s Attorney Randy Krantz want citizens to understand about Tuesday’s outcome:

  • Community events and Calendar (week of Dec. 1, 2010)

    Sign-ups and notices

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