Today's News

  • Are we in permanent decline?

        I saw a bumper sticker the other day that truly surprised me: The word “America” was emblazoned across the top in all caps with a little message underneath.

        Before I could read the rest, I expected it to be the usual patriotic bombast that you generally see. Instead, it said: “America: Sure was Great While it Lasted.”

  • More thoughts on our debt ceiling

        The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not only is it a bright, cheerful celebration with fireworks and such, but it marks the beginning of American independence. It didn’t come easy. The men who signed that document knew they were signing their death warrant if they were captured, but, after a long, difficult struggle, we emerged as a sovereign nation.

  • Sedalia has the blues

        Sedalia Center had the blues, Saturday, and they were quite happy about it. Their annual Blues Festival brought 750 people through the gate on a hot, humid summer day. The festival has been held at Sedalia since 2001.

  • Boy Scout builds ramp for VFW Post

    Erik Smith, of Goode, will soon be the 45th Eagle Scout in the history of Lynchburg’s Troop 45.

        Smith, who just turned 14, built a handicapped access ramp for Bedford’s Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post. The post is attached to the Bedford’s National Guard armory.
        “The city building inspector was pretty impressed,” commented Bob Smith, a member of the post.

  • 309 Winery promises fun, food and wine

     Peggy Overstreet and Scott Taylor promise fun, food and wine at 309 Winery. The new business opened its doors at the end of April in the historic Wharton Cottage, located at 309 North Bridge Street.

        It’s an eclectic business: You can buy wine and beer there; you can buy Gross’ Orchard products; you can buy local art and locally made jewelry.
        “We are trying to do everything local,” Overstreet said,

  • Horse & Hound Wine Festival biggest ever

        The seventh annual Horse & Hound Wine Festival, held last Saturday at Johnson’s Orchard, was the largest ever. It featured 100 vendors and nine wineries. Nancy Johnson, who along with her husband, Danny, owns the orchard, estimated the crowd at 4,500. That’s people. A large number of these folks brought dogs with them. Canine visitors ranged from diminutive Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes weighing in at 135 pounds. Cintas was there with a truck dispensing cold wet towels, most of which were being applied to people’s four-legged friends.

  • Jefferson Villas residents caught in middle between PSA and supervisors' past decision

    Who’s fault is it that trees were planted over a Bedford County Public Service Authority (PSA) waterline at Jefferson Villas in Forest?

        The Bedford County Board of Supervisors discussed this issue when District 4 Supervisor John Sharp brought it up at the end of Monday night’s meeting. Jefferson Villas is in his district.

  • An opportunity to do something meaningful

        Ellissa Bowen, of Forest, and her husband came to the Bedford area five years ago from the Washington D. C. area. Bowen had given up her professional career to be a full-time mother for her two children.    

        “We moved to Forest because we wanted to run away from D. C.,” she commented.

  • Museum opens fresh exhibit on America's deadliest war

        The Bedford Museum will open a new display, Friday, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States. The exhibit includes artifacts in the museum’s own collection as well as items on loan by collectors. The exhibit will be on display from July 15 until Jan. 15.

        Three uniforms are included in the display.

  • Former Marine pulls next door neighbor from burning car

    Roger Boyd is a good man to have for a next door neighbor.
        Last week a car driven by David Reed, 29, a self-employed handyman, plunged over an embankment off Rocky Ford Road and caught on fire. Reed was trapped inside. He’s alive today due to quick action by Boyd, a former Marine, who lives next door.

        “That was a pretty tough spot the other day,” Boyd commented, Monday.