Today's News

  • Allen’s worst nightmare: Tim Kaine!

        Last week wasn’t good for George Allen. The popular former governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, who has most recently served as Democratic National Committee chairman, ended weeks of speculation with his formal entrance into the 2012 U.S. Senate race.

        Kaine had previously said he probably wasn’t interested in running for Senate, but that was before the incumbent Democrat, Jim Webb, bowed out. Kaine had been Option Number One for most Virginia Democrats since then.

  • Best entertainment value in Bedford

        Last week, the best entertainment value in Bedford turned out to be a board of supervisors budget work session. During the course of the work session, District 1 Supervisor Dale Wheeler likened Dr. Douglas Schuch to a copperhead and Xerxes, the 5th century B. C. Persian monarch who tried to conquer the Greek city-states.

        I don’t know if describing Dr. Schuch as a copperhead is accurate. He doesn’t seem particularly venomous. Overpaid, perhaps, but not venomous.

  • More than words are needed

    The Bedford County Board of Supervisors took a stand last week with the School Board’s adopted budget: Change your mind about closing any schools or forget about getting an extra $1.1 million in additional county funding.

  • Legion says ‘thanks’ to old friends

    Bedford’s American Legion Post said thanks to some old friends that have routinely supplied vehicles for the annual Christmas parade and supported the Legion in other ways.

        One, Dominion of Bedford, is alive and well. The other, Murray and Bolling is gone. Murray and Bolling was one of a number of Chevrolet franchises eliminated after the federal government bailed out General Motors several years ago.
        “You never know what’s going to happen in a Christmas parade,” commented Richard Bolling.

  • Treble Tapestry to hold area concerts

    By Peter Sawyer

    Intern Writer

        Treble Tapestry will host a Benefit Concert Series April 15-17, including a performance in Bedford, to conclude its fifth season.
        Treble Tapestry is a women’s ensemble with 25 to 30 auditioned members. The group focuses on the education, performance and sharing of music for women’s voices. The members of Treble Tapestry represent different ages groups and have different interests and talents, but they all love to sing.

  • April is Apple Blossom Month

        Last month, the Bedford County Board of Supervisors declared April Apple Blossom month, recognizing the county’s fruit growers. Ronnie and Walter Gross, of Gross’ Orchard, and Danny Johnson, of Johnson’s Orchard, received the proclamation. The two men figured there was a place in Bedford where the framed proclamation ought to go.

        “We are going to present this to the Welcome Center because the Welcome Center has been responsible for getting us all the publicity for events,” said Gross.

  • A Path to Healing: Program helps cancer patients

    A pilot program to help cancer patients, held at the Bedford Area YMCA three years ago, was such a success that it became a permanent program.

  • Board to take second look at plan

    It's time to reconsider.
        That's what the Bedford County School Board decided Thursday about its budget after hearing from the Board of Supervisors that most of its members didn't support closing Bedford Primary School and consolidating those students with Bedford Elementary.

        At a meeting last week, the supervisors threatened to withhold $1.1 million in additional funding for 2011-2012 if the school board didn't keep the school open.

  • Full house speaks on county budget

        In contrast to the last year's public hearing before the Board of Supervisors on the county budget, which brought out only three people, this year's nearly filled  Bedford Science and Technology Center’s Susie Gibson Auditorium Monday night. The crowd included a large contingent of teachers, wearing red shirts.

  • Brigadier General touts importance of early childhood education

    Staunton River High School’s marching band, flag waving children from Bedford Elementary School and a JROTC color guard turned out to welcome Brigadier General John Douglass (USAF Retired) when he spoke at the National D-day Memorial last week.