Today's News

  • Long Black Train keeps rolling

    The long black train made a scheduled stop in Harrisonburg.

    All aboard!

  • Staunton River falls short at Northside

    In life, your success is usually based on what you make of your opportunities.

    Same with football.

  • Liberty grabs share of Seminole, top seed with win over Heritage

    They don’t all have to be pretty.

    Liberty showed that it is an indiscriminate winner, taking the good and the bad, as long as it translates into a win.

  • Honoring those who have served and sacrificed

    It is truly an honor to pay tribute to our nation’s veterans. America was founded on the principles of liberty, opportunity and justice for all, and on Veterans Day we recognize the men and women of our armed forces who have valiantly defended these values throughout our nation’s history. We ensure that their willingness to answer the call of their country on foreign battlefields will not quickly be forgotten.

  • Gulf War illnesses

    In the recent past, Department of Veterans Affairs has taken actions to make it easier for those who served in the Persian Gulf War or Afghanistan to obtain disability compensation for certain diseases.

  • Perriello and Boucher deserved better

        The mid-term elections that put Republicans in charge of the House still left them as a minority in the Senate. It created for them a new imperative: they’ll have to show what they’re for instead of what they’re against.

        Locally, Tom Perriello waged a very determined and energetic campaign in the face of an anti-incumbent sentiment that was just too ferocious to overcome.

  • Political party elites beware!

        The “Democrats” got a lesson in democracy last week. In the largest sweep of the House of Representatives since 1948, Republicans secured a net gain of 60 seats. They needed 39 seats to win a majority. “Democrats” retained a bare majority in the Senate.

  • Volunteer helps transform Bedford Memorial gift shop

    As Christmas approaches, Barbara Hurt, Bedford Memorial Hospital’s manager of volunteer services, wants to call attention to the hospital’s gift shop. Hurt said that the shop’s merchandise goes beyond gifts for patients — it’s stocked with the general public in mind.

  • Recognizing those who keep Bedford beautiful

    A community’s appearance affects its desirability as a tourist destination, according to Sergei Troubetzkoy, the Bedford area’s director of tourism. Troubetzkoy spoke at the Keep Bedford Beautiful Commission’s (KBBC) annual awards dinner last week.

  • Counselor’s journey lands her here

        Bryant Counseling has a counselor whose life has taken her to a variety of places, including a few years in Armenia.

        Avery Flory, a North Carolina native, originally received a degree in economics from Queens University in Charlotte, N.C. She followed a career in that field that included working as a fundraiser for a hospital and a stint selling securities. Over the years, however, her focus changed. She went back to school after her children grew up, earned a master’s degree in counseling and began practicing in 2000.