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  • Brown will seek one final term as sheriff

        “This will be my last run,” said Sheriff Mike Brown, when he announced last week that he will seek reelection as sheriff this fall. “It’ll be 20 years.”

        By 20 years, Brown means that when he leaves office in 2016 if he’s reelected in November, he would have completed 20 years in office. He was first elected in 1995 and took office in January, 1996.

  • Living his dream

        Like a lot of folks in Bedford County, Richard Franklin has spent more than his share of time hunting.

        “I was born with a pistol in my hand,” he jokes.

  • Home invasion

        Bedford Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred around 4 a.m. Sunday.

        On Sunday, March 6, a resident of the 1000 block of Gum Street in  Bedford contacted the Police Department and reported that the robbery had occurred, according to Bedford Police Chief Jim Day.  Investigators were advised that several men had entered the residence by force and held the occupants at gunpoint while accomplices ransacked the home looking for money. 

  • Community looks back on life of service of Peter Viemeister

    Peter Viemeister left his mark on a great deal of areas during his 82 years of life—from helping land men on the moon to raising money for Bedford’s Rotary Club.

  • Community events and Calendar (week of March 2, 2011)

    Sign-ups and notices

        For information of events and activities at area churches, see the church news section in this week's paper.

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  • Church News (week of March 2, 2011)


    Celebrate the Lenten season – in Bedford
        Beginning Ash Wednesday, March 9 from noon until  1 p.m., and every Wednesday thereafter until Easter, you are invited to gather with believers from all over the Bedford Community for a light meal and worship service at Main Street United Methodist Church.

  • The 5th District economy needs the freedom to grow

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Enacting change

        This week, we had an example of a change being enacted after more than two decades of attempts.

  • Wisconsin: A wake-up call for workers

        John L. Lewis, the legendary leader of the United Mine Workers, put it this way many years ago: “Without organization, you’re a lone individual, without recognition or influence of any kind.”

        Lone individuals don’t fare well in the face of great corporate power. Lewis knew it then, and it’s still true today.

  • Obama is no Ronald Reagan

        I haven’t figured out whether President Barack Obama is going to turn out to be Slick Willy II, or Jimmy Carter Jr. Right now he seems to be vying with Carter for the honor of Worst President Ever. At least President Obama has the excuse of being probably the most inexperienced man ever elected president. He had little legislative experience and no executive experience at all. Carter’s only excuse is that he's a doofus.

        One thing is for sure: Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan.