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  • Students learn about litter’s impact on wildlife

    The children at Bedford Elementary School got a chance to see something that most of us never see — an opossum. A live ‘possum, not one squished on the side of the road.

        The presentation was sponsored by the Keep Bedford Beautiful Commission (KBBC) and Quinn Robinson, an environmental educator with the Wildlife Center of Virginia brought three live creatures for the children to see.

  • Letters

    Trail should be handicap


        This year at Liberty High School the Agriculture Department developed a nature trail. I believe that the nature trail is a good idea because it allows students to learn outside the  classroom. However, when building the trail they did not take into consideration that individuals with physical disabilities cannot access the nature trail.

  • Automatic pay raises for Congress blocked

    I am committed to increased accountability and transparency in government, and pleased to report that we took two important steps forward in this direction last week in Congress.

  • Ensuring the safety of our citizens

    Over the weekend a man with ties to the Taliban drove an SUV loaded with home-made bombs into Times Square in the heart of New York City.  Thanks in large part to two very observant street vendors, the local authorities rushed to the scene where they found the smoking car that contained two five-gallon containers of gasoline, three twenty-gallon propane tanks, 152 M-88 fireworks, two alarm clocks connected to wires and a metal gun locker filled with 250 pounds of fertilizer.  Authorities were able to dismantle the contents of the SUV, preventing what had the potential to be a very

  • TRICARE benefits nowprotected under health care reform law

    Since the enactment of the health care reform law, there has been considerable confusion surrounding its effects on military health care programs. I am pleased to share with you that on April 26, 2010 the President signed into law legislation that I introduced to fully protect TRICARE and other military health care programs for service members, veterans, and their families under the newly enacted health care reform law. 


  • Town meeting set

    Saturday May 15, I will be at the Moneta Library from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. for my quarterly Town Meeting. 

        The FY 10/11 budget has been adopted.  All tax rates will remain the same.  The Board of Supervisors is turning its attention to the new Zoning Ordinance.  Real Estate reassessment is under way.  The VDOT 6-year road plan is being reviewed. 

  • The true roots of partisanship

        Political observers of all stripes agree that politics in America today is bitterly divided. Many see this as a danger to the health of our republic.

        But is it, really? Or are today’s partisan fights simply the natural split between two parties and two very different philosophies?

  • Blowing rhetorical smoke

        I noticed that Rick Howell was at it again in last week’s “The Liberal Agenda” column, portraying conservatives as a bunch of well-heeled folks motivated by a desire to protect their bottom line. He characterized TEA party activists as “a lot of people with six-figure salaries who have done well in this country and who ought to have the decency to pay their taxes without whining about it.”

  • Golden Eagles storm back to top Minutemen in soccer

    A ho-hum affair turned into a rockin’ and sockin’ good time at Minutemen Stadium.

  • Error prone Eagles fall to Minettes in softball

    If only earned runs counted, Staunton River would have notched a 1-0 win over Liberty.

    The pesky rules, however, state that all runs count, earned or otherwise.