Today's News

  • Reining in the American empire

        Recent newspaper stories have highlighted the fact that military spending and the costs of the national security state can no longer go unchecked in light of the continuing economic troubles of our country.

  • Internationally famous

        Bedford is internationally famous. Or, should I say internationally infamous.

        I saw more news stories on the Stalin bust on Russian Internet news sites the Saturday before last. One begins, “, , ~,,f ,f ,ee,e -eOe e ',,e () < ,% e %,.” This reads, “Installation of a monument to Joseph Stalin on the grounds of the war memorial complex in the city of Bedford (USA) has caused a real scandal in American society.”

  • Court is in session

      Sweltering heat couldn’t keep ‘em away from the tennis courts.

    Bedford County is hosting a tennis camp this month.  So far, it has drawn a good number of would-be netters.

  • Driving the Burma Road

    A bout of bad health may have saved a man’s life nearly 70 years ago.

  • Big Island Post 217 aims high

    Well, that was quick.

  • SML Lions Andrew Haley draws a crowd

    It was hard to tell the trees from the Forest.

  • Sports commentary: It's showtime!

      Another cruddy precedent has been set.

    I refer, of course, to the decision by ESPN to air a one- hour show in which LeBron James revealed the team to which he would sell his soul.  Er, services.

  • Did jury in Earnest case read journals not in evidence?

        The jury that convicted Wesley Earnest of first degree murder on April 5 may have used exhibits that were not admitted into evidence, a defense motion to set aside the verdict states. Earnest was found guilty of murdering his estranged wife Jocelyn Earnest following a two-week trial this spring.

  • Wounded warriors

        Duty with the National Guard, which included deployments to combat zones, has given Louis Alvey a personal feel for the needs of returning soldiers who were injured. An awareness of the need led him to work as a peer specialist for Virginia’s Wounded Warrior Program. Alvey works out of Lynchburg.

        Alvey served in the Guard from 2004 until the beginning of this year. His service included a deployment to Iraq and another to Kuwait.

        “We mostly did route security,” he said of his second deployment.

  • Planning for the future

        The Bedford County School Board began work on a strategic plan at a work session late last month.

        During the work session, Dr. Douglas Schuch, the county’s superintendent of schools, presented a two-page draft version of a plan. He said that he will meet with school board members this month and in August, two at a time, to get input from them as staff develops a second draft of the plan. This will be followed by a work session on Sept. 23. He expects to submit a final version for their approval in October.