Today's News

  • WBLT Black History spots

    The Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library continues to provide these Black History spots that were broadcast on WBLT in 1988. Keith Campbell donated several audio tapes from WBLT. We have transcribed these and are publishing them here. In 1988 the Rev. Laurie Carrie and Pat Austin read the following on WBLT and they were glad that the tapes had survived. They recount how they took a large number of children to the station and each child also recorded spots. The Museum has not found the children’s tapes but maybe they will be found and we can use them in the future.

  • Extreme partisanship? Blame the right

        Washington D.C. and the mainstream media were abuzz last week with the news that Indiana Senator Evan Bayh is the latest Democrat to balk at running again. Bayh vented his frustration with serving in Congress in recent years, saying it was too partisan to work.

        What he didn’t explain was why he waited until a day or so before the filing deadline to quit, thereby punishing his own party in its efforts to find someone to replace him.

  • No apology needed

        Last week Dina Linkenhoker, president of the teachers’ union, took me to task for my column that appeared in this space in the Feb. 10 edition of the Bedford Bulletin.

        In that column, I wrote:

        The BCEA wants pay raises. When representatives appeared before the county school board last month, they chose to whine. Viola Henry told the school board that some of them have to take second jobs to make ends meet.

  • The real winter games--Commentary

      The Winter Olympics kick off this Friday.  The games feature sports such as curling, bobsledding, figure skating and slalom skiing.

  • Minettes roar back to beat Heritage

      Brandie Witt had a memorable Senior Night in one of her last games as a Minette.

    The stellar senior posted 18 points in a variety of ways.

  • Cavs tops in Seminole swimming, River lads edged by Lord Bot

    Now he knows how Joe Girardi feels.

  • Crown-clinching performances

    While it’s a bit premature to hang the title of “Dynasty” on either the Liberty Minutemen or the Staunton River Golden Eagles, one has to admit that the two programs are on their way.

  • Proposal: Close Thaxton, Body Camp elem. schools

    While the Body Camp community already had time to prepare for the possible closing of its elementary school because of prior budget discussions, the mention of Thaxton Elementary came as a shock to members of that community.

        Now that community is taking steps to make sure its voice is heard as budget discussions continue and the Bedford County School Board wrestles with cutting $7 million from its current budget.

        “We had no idea,” Thaxton PTA President Valerie Detamore said of the possible closing of that school.

  • County man pleads guilty to sex with children

    A Bedford County man has pleaded guilty, in Bedford County Circuit Court, to charges of sexual battery and rape.

        Anthony Wayne Carter, 35, of Thaxton, pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of rape. All charges involved girls under the age of 13.

  • Lifelong county resident recalls life a century ago

    One of Oakwood Manor’s residents will turn 109 this Saturday.

        Mary Spinner was born on Feb. 20, 1901, the third of 10 children born to William and Frances (Fannie) Sledd.

        Sledd owned a 150 acre farm in the Big Island area, off Va. 122, and raised cattle, pigs and tobacco for market in the early years of the 20th century.  They also grew corn and hay to feed the animals, and peas and cane for sorghum molasses for their family’s use. William ran the farm and Frances handled all the couple’s financial affairs.