Today's News

  • Parents seek restoration of band position in JF zone

        Bedford County Public Schools is set to receive more than $2 million as part of a federal education stimulus bill passed by Congress this summer — and some county residents voiced Thursday how they would like to see that money spent.

        During last week’s school board meeting, several speakers from the Jefferson Forest school zone said a band teaching position at Forest Middle School, cut as part of budget reductions this year, needs to be restored.

  • Church uses novel approach to engage others

    Girl:  “What are you rebelling against, Johnny?”

    Johnny Strabler: “What do you got?”
        -Scene from “The Wild One”

        Marlon Brando’s depiction of Johnny Strabler helped sear  the image of the tough motorcyclist into the consciousness of the American public.
        Motorcycle gangs such as Hell’s Angels, the Pagans and other “Outlaw Motorcycle Groups,” have done little to change that image.

  • Montvale crews respond to Saturday bus accident

        The 40th anniversary celebration of the Montvale Rescue Squad took a serious turn Saturday when a call involving two buses on Goose Creek Valley Road was toned out. The initial report said as many as 100 people could be injured.

        While there were far fewer injuries, the incident did give the Montvale community the chance to show its hospitality and the emergency crews the chance to show they were ready for   a   more    serious   event, should one occur.

  • Supervisors split 5-2 over BZA action

    In an unusual decision, the Bedford County Board of Supervisors voted 5-2 last week to appeal a decision by the county’s board of zoning appeals. That ruling overturned a decision by the county’s planning department that a used equipment sales business in Montvale was not in compliance with zoning requirements.
    Board Chairman Roger Cheek and District 7 Supervisor Gary Lowry cast the only dissenting votes against the appeal.
    “He’s just not in compliance with zoning,” said District 6 Supervisor Annie Pollard, who requested the action.

  • Coffey and Saunders closing this week

    “What am I going to do?” asked Ed Harman, as he stopped by Coffey and Saunders in Bedford, Monday afternoon.

  • Planning commission recommends approval of campground

        The Bedford County Planning Commission voted, Monday night, to recommend approval of a campground in the Huddleston area.

        The proposed campground will occupy 10 acres of a 64-acre property owned by Scott and Ida Heath. The property is bordered by White House Road and Ayers Road.
        The campground will consist of 18 campsites that can accommodate RV’s and six that are limited to tents. It will have a 24-foot by 65-foot camp store and a 24-foot by 41-foot caretaker’s house.

  • Tanker truck wrecks, spills thousands of gallons of gasoline

        A tanker truck spill last Thursday afternoon in Montvale backed up traffic for several hours and left several thousand gallons of spilled gasoline to clean up.

  • Commentary: The hostess with the mostest

     Brett Favre’s name is being dragged through the muck these days.  Surprisingly, it has little to do with his propensity to throw interceptions at the most inopportune times.

    Nor does it have to do with yet another Hamlet-like waffling over his career options.

  • JF Netters stay unbeaten

    If all things are equal, the odds of winning something 18 consecutive times are one-in-262,144.

    That’s if all things are equal.  Such as with a coin flip.

  • Minutemen too much for JF

    Like a ninja, Liberty showed that it has numerous weapons at its disposal.

    More importantly, the Minutemen showed they are adept at using such weaponry.