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  • Service connected disability compensation

        Service connected disability compensation is a monetary benefit paid to veterans who are disabled by an injury or disease that occurred in or was aggravated by active military service. 

  • Conservatives should prove their compassion

        When George W. Bush first ran for president in 2000, he made headlines by describing himself as a “compassionate conservative.”

        Clever political insiders knew what Bush was doing. He was trying to set himself apart from the notion that is common about conservatives: that they are basically selfish and greedy and short on compassion for those who don’t have what they have.

  • Walker stands up for the people

        Liberals and “Democratic” Party activists are doing their best to portray the legislative standoff in Wisconsin as Republicans fighting against working people. In reality, it’s the result of a democratically elected governor and a democratically elected legislature with a Republican majority standing up for all the people of Wisconsin against well-organized special interests.

  • Cuccinelli was right, no matter how despicable it seems

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was right to not join with other states in the case between a family whose son was killed while serving in the military and the nut case Fred Phelps and his small band of followers from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas.

  • Beyond the Hills Gallery & Home Accents

    By Peter Sawyer

    Intern Writer

        Beyond the Hills Gallery & Home Accents has become a hub for local artisans and craftsmen.  Vera Swain is from the area and said she always wanted to own a business.  A year and a half ago she opened her store.
        “I decided in 2009, I was going to go for it,” Swain said.

  • Kathy’s Beauty Salon moves to new location

    By Peter Sawyer

  • Claytor Center plans Eco-Village

    Lynchburg College and the Claytor Nature Study Center began a tour of Bedford area civic groups with a stop by the Bedford Kiwanis Club’s luncheon meeting last week. The college and the Claytor Center were represented by John Stafford, a fundraiser for the college, and Dr. Greg Eaton, the Claytor Center’s director.

        Stafford and Eaton were there to talk about the Claytor Center’s planned Eco-Village.

  • Early College graduates say program helped them move ahead

        Last year, Bedford County Public Schools cut out funding for the Early College program. This year’s graduating seniors will be the last group to graduate with taxpayer funding.

        The program still exists, however. There are a group of high school juniors now attending, with their parents footing the bill, and the program  is taking applications for a new group of juniors for next year.

  • Schools may get more local money from county

        Bedford County Public Schools may get more local money in the next fiscal year, after all.

        This assumes that the supervisors follow their past practice of equalizing the real estate tax rate and sharing half of additional discretionary revenue with the school division, which would increase the local transfer to the schools by $1.1 million.

  • Police charge man with attempted murder

        Monday, at about 11 p.m., city of Bedford Police responded to the parking lot of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office on Falling Creek Road in reference to a possible hit-and-run vehicle crash that had occurred in the city.