Today's News

  • Combat mission in Iraq finally ends

        The last American combat troops pulled out of Iraq recently, bringing an end to a direct fighting role for the United States in a war of choice started by our previous president in March of 2003.

        In the history of our country, there has never been another war for which there was so little justification.

  • Don’t let BP off the hook

        BP’s cap on its Gulf of Mexico gusher has held for a month now, although drilling a relief well has experienced some delays. BP claims that all the spilled oil is gone from the Gulf, consumed by natural oil-eating bacteria. The Obama administration is making the same claim.

  • An open process

    Bedford City Council did the right thing last week, even though it didn’t have to.

  • Area loses longtime community servant

  • Art at the orchard

    Gross’ Orchard now features an artists’ village.

        It’s just down the road from the orchard’s sales area and signs point you to it. Ronnie Gross, who along with his father, Walter Gross, run the orchard said that they started construction in June. It consists of some small buildings providing sheltered spaces for local artists to display and sell their work. There is also space where tents can be set up.
        It’s called “Artists’ Village by the Stream.”

  • 9/11 survivor to speak at prayer breakfast

        The Bedford area’s Sixth Annual Community Ecumenical 9-11 will feature a man who was there.

        Sergeant Major James O. Smith (U.S. Army, Retired), was still on active duty on Sept. 11, 2001.
        “I was attending a meeting in the Pentagon,” he said.
        SGM Smith is an Army combat medic and Army nurse. At the time he was assigned as chief medical NCO to the National Guard Bureau. The meeting room was to the left of where the hijacked airliner hit.

  • Man pleads to computer solicitation

        What started out as a motions hearing quickly turned into a discussion of split infinitives and diagramming sentences Friday in Bedford County Circuit Court. The hearing would eventually end with 25-year-old John Edward Pressley of Martinsville entering four no contest pleas to computer solicitation of a child less than 15 years old.

  • Parents protest principal at Body Camp Elementary being reassigned

        The decision to reassign popular Body Camp Elementary Principal Dr. Marvin McGinnis from the school didn’t sit well with a number of community residents who spoke to the Bedford County School Board at last Thursday’s meeting.

        The remarks followed a 5-0 vote by the board to move Dr. McGinnis to fill a teaching vacancy at Bedford Middle School. He and school secretary Marsha Sheinman had been placed on administrative leave the week before school started.

  • Two men charged by BCSO with selling dogs for fighting

        Members of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division arrested two individuals, Monday, at 11268 West Lynchburg-Salem Turnpike in Montvale, charging them with violating Virginia’s animal fighting laws.  

  • System will detect emergency vehicles approaching traffic lights

    Fire trucks, and eventually all emergency vehicles passing through the city of Bedford, should have a safer trip as the result of preemption devices that are currently being installed at the city’s intersections that have traffic lights.