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  • Time for a change?

        Tuesday is decision day. America goes to the polls and 5th District voters will decide whether Tom Perriello goes to Washington for another two years, or whether Robert Hurt replaces him.

        If you like ObamaCare, then by all means vote for Perriello. He voted for this healthcare reform bill in the House this past spring.

  • Get out and vote

    Four years ago, when Democrats retook control of Congress, the mid-term election turnout hit about 50 percent in Bedford, while the Presidential election of 2008 brought out a 75 percent turnout. That’s when Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello was elected, usurping the once-thought-to-be-unbeatable Virgil Goode.

  • Sports Commentary: Series picks

     You’ve got to cheer for some team in the World Series.  It’s the American way.

    This year, I face a quandary in trying to pick a team:  I like ‘em both.

  • There's no doubting Thomas

    Some guys act tough.

    Some guys ARE tough.

  • Heritage takes JF in tepid affair

    It was the best of times.

    It was the worst of times.

  • New massage therapist opens shop

    Getting a lay-off notice can be the nudge a person needs to make a positive change.

        Carol Patterson, a Bedford County native, had worked as an administrative assistant and executive assistant for 30 years. She had been wanting to do something more fulfilling and had thought about massage therapy for a year. Leaving the security of an existing job, however, kept her from doing anything beyond thinking. Then, her job was eliminated and, with job security gone, she “ took a leap of faith.”

  • River rushing toward post-season

    By Jeff McClintock

    Special correspondent

  • River rushing toward post-season

    By Jeff McClintock

    Special correspondent

  • Turning the other cheek

    What do you do if somebody murders 45 members of your family, including your sister and her seven children?

        That’s what happened to Pastor Deo Gashagaza, of Living Church, an independent church in Rwanda. In 1994 members of the Hutu tribe massacred members of the Tutsi tribe, and any Hutus that got in their way. An estimated 800,000 people died during a 100 day period. He visited this area recently speaking about his ministry.
        “This situation was too bad for my heart,” said Pastor Gashagaza.

  • Program targets teen drivers

    Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute has been studying teen drivers for some time.

        Last week, in conjunction with AAA Mid-Atlantic, the institute conducted its first Teen Driver Safety Days. On Oct. 20, a group of Bedford County sophomores, about 300 of them from all three high schools, became the second group of high school students to experience this four-hour program. Montgomery County students had gone through the day before.