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  • Sports commentary: Don't do it, Ryno!

      Did you ever look up an old flame?

    Years after you broke up, you think, “Hey, those were some good times.”

  • Illegal immigration

    On Thursday, Arizona’s new illegal immigration law is set to take effect. The United States Justice Department, however, and the Obama Administration continue to challenge the law while the federal judge who heard the case has yet to decide if she’ll put the statute on hold until her ruling is made.

  • Letters


        I just received a really unbelievable mailing from Tom Perriello’s office.  The mailing, states “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense” and quotes a Charlottesville newspaper: “Perriello Wins High Marks in Frugality. Of the 11 congressmen from Virginia, U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello was the most frugal with taxpayer money in 2009...”

  • Enforcing our laws to reduce illegal immigration

    If you were to take a drive along Interstate 8 in Arizona, many miles north of the border, you would very likely come upon signs, placed by the U.S. government, warning travelers of possible danger including drug and human smuggling, armed criminals, and other suspicious activities.  The signs, which have been placed by the Federal Bureau of Land Management throughout parts of Arizona, are evidence of the very serious and growing problem of illegal immigration. Unfortunately, the federal government has done little more to combat this problem than place these warning signs.

  • In memory of a good friend

    In 1951, 10 days before Christmas, three friends stood in front of Green’s Drug Store and shook hands for the last time. One of them, Bobby Daniels, never came home from Korea. His unit was overrun. A Marine said the Chinese got Bobby there.

        That December day, Bobby was wearing an Army uniform, Jack Karnes was in a paratrooper uniform and I was wearing an Air Force uniform.

  • Juniors knocked from State play

    There’s something about Martinsville.

    Something, that is, if you’re a member of the Post 217 Junior Legion baseball team.

  • Can Eagles sustain big mo?

    What do you make of these guys?

    Over the years, it has been easy to label the Staunton River football teams.

  • Reining in the American empire

        Recent newspaper stories have highlighted the fact that military spending and the costs of the national security state can no longer go unchecked in light of the continuing economic troubles of our country.

  • Internationally famous

        Bedford is internationally famous. Or, should I say internationally infamous.

        I saw more news stories on the Stalin bust on Russian Internet news sites the Saturday before last. One begins, “, , ~,,f ,f ,ee,e -eOe e ',,e () < ,% e %,.” This reads, “Installation of a monument to Joseph Stalin on the grounds of the war memorial complex in the city of Bedford (USA) has caused a real scandal in American society.”

  • Court is in session

      Sweltering heat couldn’t keep ‘em away from the tennis courts.

    Bedford County is hosting a tennis camp this month.  So far, it has drawn a good number of would-be netters.