Today's News

  • Like it or not, for two more months Bush is still the President

    Nationally-syndicated columnist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post Writers Group wrote a column last week suggesting that until Barack Obama goes from President-elect to President this country and its economy has little hope. An underlying message of the column, and one that has been echoed by others, is that Bush should just step aside and let Obama take over now.

  • It’s time for the work to begin

        It’s do or die time for me to get in shape.

        In just 11 weeks I should be headed for the hills of the Philippines to be part of a medical missions team from my church. While I’m excited about the trip, I also realize I have a lot to do to get ready.

  • Use the skills you have to help your neighbor

        You have the skills to make someone’s life better.  Perhaps you can drive someone to a doctor’s appointment or help put together food packages for a family in need.  The information below is provided through the efforts of the Bedford Community Health Foundation and the generosity of The Bedford Bulletin.  To submit information for your non-profit group, contact Mary Wiley, Bedford Community Health Foundation, at 586-5292, between 8 a.m. and noon.

  • VA announces cost of living increase

    On Nov. 26, the new rate tables for those receiving pension or compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs were released.

        The new rates, based on the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) measure signed by the President on Sept. 25, implemented the 5.8 percent cost of living increase and are effective Dec. 31, 2008. The new rates will increase by 5.8 percent the benefits paid by VA for those receiving; Improved Pension, Service Connected Disability Compensation, Dependency Indemnity Compensation, or pension or compensation from other VA programs.

  • Letters

    Turned wreaths

        Why are the beautiful Christmas wreaths in Bedford City turned around so you can only see then when you turn a corner or shop in the city?

        When the wreaths before were put up – they were the same way — people wrote in about how they were done. The City said, “ They couldn’t be turned around.” Three years later, they were turned around. They looked beautiful.

  • Driving smart for two

    He stands 5 feet 1 inch high and also that wide. His body is 8 feet 8 inches long, just big enough to legally carry two adults.

        He has a 5-star crash rating, utilizing the best technology NASCAR has to share and was born last December in Hambach, France. He has a Mitsubishi heart and a Mercedes soul.

        Though limited in size he loves driving the roads and has a top speed of 90 miles per hour, and according to his owners, Ed and Yolanda Adams, he’s one happy car and loves everything about America’s roads but the potholes.

  • Breaking news: 50 temporarily laid off at Big Island Georgia Pacific mill

    A failure in one of its mills, coupled with the overall economic slowdown, caused Georgia-Pacific's Big Island Mill to temporarily lay off 50 employees this week, according to Zoe Miles, public affairs manager for the plant.

  • The search begins for a new superintendent

    Bedford County voice their opinions on the type of person that they feel would be best suited to run the division. I think that will play a fairly big role in the board’s decision come next year.”

        The board hopes to have someone hired by early next year.

        “Ray and Associates is the firm we have hired to run this process for us,” Edwards said  “They are a professional firm that specializes in superintendent searches.”

  • Assessing the threat

    A threatening message found in the boys’ restroom at Jefferson Forest High School last week led to some tightened security Thursday, according to Ryan Edwards, public relations coordinator with Bedford County Public Schools.

        Edwards said the message that stated “I want to kill everyone on 11/20” was found on Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. The statement had been written in a stall.

  • Bedford Ride's funding reduced

    Unlike the federal government, the Commonwealth of Virginia must have a balanced budget. Due to falling tax revenue, Gov. Tim Kaine used his executive authority to cut state spending to keep things in balance. Locally, Bedford Ride lost $7,600 in state funding.

        “Obviously, it’s not making it any easier,” said Ira Doom, Bedford Ride’s director.