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    Stalin not

    honored by bust

        As volunteer at the National D-Day Memorial, I would like to hopefully help clear up a misconception concerning the bust of Joseph Stalin which is still causing quite a flap locally and even abroad.

        The bust, in no way honors Stalin.

  • Doughnut hole rebate checks are in the mail

    Last week, in a rare showing of bipartisanship in Washington, the House of Representatives joined forces to pass common-sense reforms related to mortgages and housing loans. The Federal Housing Administration Reform Act, which sailed through the House nearly unanimously, will encourage responsible homeownership for those who can afford it, while rooting out and cracking down on lenders who make risky or fraudulent loans.

  • Bill will extend unemployment benefits

    During last week’s congressional district work period, I spent time talking with business owners, workers, job seekers, and others about what we can do to turn our economy around. I cherish my time here because I never want to lose touch with the challenges and needs of the families who sent me to Washington to work for them. These conversations help supply me with many good ideas that I can take back to Washington.

  • Congress needs to pass a federal budget to restrain spending

    Just last week the U.S. Treasury Department issued its “Annual Report on Public Debt” which confirmed that the national debt will soar to record levels.  The report estimates that the total debt for fiscal year 2010 will reach $14.75 trillion which is over 93 percent of our gross domestic product (GDP).  This current rate of government spending is having a crippling effect on our economy and overall job creation.

  • Spill shows evil of oil dependency

        It’s not a secret that corporations are greedy, often contemptuous of workers, and always, always put profits before anything else. That’s nothing new. But the BP oil spill is a corporate crime that has no match anywhere else in the world.

  • Be a team player

        I saw the Stalin bust when I was at the D-Day Memorial for the 66th D-Day anniversary commemoration. I also read the plaque that goes with it. It states:

  • No ties this time

    Everyone expected Jefferson Forest and E.C. Glass to play to a tie that would be settled by a shoot out.

    The Cavs had other ideas.

  • Hey, hey, Hayes!

    Chelsea Hayes understands that timing is everything.

    The junior forward returned to form following an extended rehab on her ankle.

  • Minettes prove system is flawed

    The Liberty softball team stuck its thumb in the eye of the Seminole District, topping Amherst, 3-2, in the finals of the district tournament.

  • Stalin bust now on display at Memorial

    The controversial bust of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin went up at the National D-Day Memorial  on June 1, and a number of local veterans are livid.

        Jim Morrison, a member of Bedford’s American Legion post, said that he has been both a volunteer at the Memorial and a financial supporter. He’s suspending both until he sees what position the new director of the D-Day Memorial Foundation takes on the bust. Dr. William McIntosh, the current director, is slated to retire this month.