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  • Area law enforcement steps up to help one of its own

    A Roanoke County police officer, with Bedford County roots, is facing a life-threatening challenge.

        Adam Childress grew up in the Bedford area and graduated from Liberty High School. His maternal grandparents, Warner and Joyce Scott, live in Bedford and his father, Doug Childress, lives in Forest. His younger brother, Ian Childress, will start a job at LHS this fall. He graduated from Liberty University this spring with a degree in sports management.

  • Man accused of accessing child porn at library

    For the second time this year, an arrest has been made in connection with a man allegedly viewing child pornography on the computers at a local library.

        On July 8, investigators with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, ICAC Task Force, arrested Roosevelt Occenac, of 8 Bradley Lane, Roanoke, a 45-year-old man from Haiti, for attempting to possess child pornography at the Montvale Public Library.

  • Primitive camping site provides peaceful setting

    Camp Karma, a 42-acre primitive campground located off Stone Mountain Road, has been open for a little more than two months and is off to a good start, say owners Eric LaBorie and Lin Frisbee. The camp offers 27 primitive campsites intended primarily for tents, although there are a few that can accommodate a camper up to 25 feet long.

        Primitive means primitive. Each site has a fire ring for a campfire, a place to hang a lantern, a picnic table and a garbage can.

        “That’s it,” Frisbee commented.

  • Former Foundation board member concerned by Stalin bust

    More than three weeks ago former D-Day Memorial Foundation board member Peter Viemeister wrote current board members to encourage them to remove the controversial bust of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin from the Memorial grounds.

         Viemeister, a local historian and author, said     last  week  that  he had not received any response from the board, but felt he needed to take a public stand on the issue.

  • Letters



        On Monday, July 5, my daughter began a two week drama camp run by Mickey Vanderwerker and Margie Skalka at the Little Town Players Theater (in Bedford). I just want to give a shout out to this amazing program.

        In only three days, my daughter has learned so very much. It is all done in a fun and loving atmosphere and I have to tell you at $60 for two weeks of 2 1/2 hours each day, it is quite a deal!  I want to thank them for their hard work with our children.

  • Not distorted history, but a PR disaster

        Two things I’ve heard from two different people in the last few weeks mystify me.

        Actually, only one mystifies me — Robin Reed’s letter to the Bedford County Board of Supervisors. Rick Howell’s “The Liberal Agenda” column last week doesn’t really surprise me, considering the source.

  • We shouldn’t bank on bailouts

    The free flow of money is fundamental to our capitalist system and the entrepreneurial spirit that defines America.  Investors vote with their wallets and the best ideas prevail.  However, this only works when the government does not inject itself into otherwise private matters.


  • Even RNC chief doubts Afghanistan

        It’s not easy for anyone to be the head of either the Republican or Democratic national committee when your party is out of power at all levels in Washington. For Michael Steele, it’s always been a bumpy ride.

        Steele was battling a buzz saw last week after some less than enthusiastic comments about the war in Afghanistan, a war that conservative Republicans are required to support.

  • Diamond action heats up


    That’s what this year’s Big Island Post 217 entrant in American Legion baseball is: flat-out loaded.

  • Getting 'em started early

    Rome was not built in a day.

    In fact, it was quite a lengthy process to build that city.