Today's News

  • Fiscally irresponsible policies are plunging the U.S. further into debt

    It is no secret that the American people are facing a very tough economic climate. Families and small businesses are cutting back on expenses.  As economic uncertainty continues, many across our nation are looking to the government for leadership during this difficult time.  In these challenging economic times it is even more important for government to control spending.

  • Campaign brings back better memories

        They don’t make Virginia governor’s races like they used to, at least not since 1973.

        That year, liberal firebrand Henry Howell squared off against Mills Godwin, the segregationist Democrat who had left the party after having previously been elected governor in 1965.   

  • The extremists are on the left

        We have less than three weeks to go before the Nov. 3 state and local elections. I hope you’re registered and intend to show up at the polls as these elections are important.

        Granted, the local picture in Bedford County isn’t exciting. The incumbents are running unopposed, so if each one gets his wife to vote for him and not too many people vote for Mickey Mouse, he wins. However, there are contested races for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general as well as the 19th House of Delegates seat.

  • Cavs take Glass in gridiron thriller




    E.C. Glass had an auspicious entry into the Seminole District last Friday night.

  • Speed kills: Amherst over Liberty, 49-20

      It is difficult to ascertain what it was about last Friday night’s experience at Amherst that so stunned the Liberty Minutemen.

  • Fired up Coles leads Staunton River to football win

      Before the start of Staunton River’s game at James River, the two head coaches exchanged pleasantries.

  • JF harriers heat up course

      While the heat settled in, runners took their stances on the starting line. Temperature played a big role in the race last Wednesday. Runners had to be able to keep their stamina up and control their breathing to make it through the tough hills and rocky trails of the Presbyterian Home track in Lynchburg. 

  • Why I stick with the Cubs--Commentary

      My beloved Cubbies have officially been eliminated from playoff contention.

    This time they went out with a whimper, their heads handed to them by the St.. Louis Cards over the course of the season.

  • Fall foliage season gearing up

    The fall foliage is starting to brighten up at this part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but don’t expect it to reach its peak for another week or so.

        Paulette Mullinax, lead interpretive ranger with the National Park Service, said several different species of trees are starting to turn color, especially in the higher elevations. Possibly by next weekend, the foliage along the Parkway in the Peaks of Otter area may be in its full splendor.

        And those colors, barring any bad weather between now and then, should be impressive.

  • Perfect weather for lobsters

    The weather was perfect, Saturday, for the Kiwanis Club’s annual Lobster Festival.

        This is the club’s major fundraiser for the year, according to John Messier who heads up the event. Messier said the goal is to raise $5,000 from the event.