Today's News

  • Hearing: Veterans health care in rural areas a challenge

        The U. S. House of Representatives Veterans’ Affairs Committee Health Subcommittee brought a field hearing to Bedford County, Monday. Congressman Tom Perriello sits on this subcommittee. Perriello and the subcommittee’s chairman, Congressman Michael Michaud, of Maine, convened the hearing in the Bedford County Board of Supervisors chamber in the county administration building.

        This hearing came to Bedford at Perriello’s request.

  • Stalin opponents speak to Council

        People who would like the bust of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin removed from the National D-Day Memorial spoke to Bedford City Council last week in a special appearance.

        Ann Soukhanov, a Bedford resident who noted that she was born and raised in Bedford, told council that the city had been generous in its support to the National D-Day Memorial Foundation over the years. She said that the Memorial could never have been built without the early support that Bedford gave it.

  • Black resigns from school board

        Thursday’s regular 7 p.m. meeting of the Bedford County School Board began with David Black’s resignation. Black has represented District 3 on the school board since 2002. The resignation was prompted by his employer’s corporate headquarters move to Charlotte, N.C.

        “I, as chief accounting officer, must follow if I want to be paid,” Black commented.

        Black’s resignation was effective immediately.

  • Chasing butterflies

        Pat Schuler, a Bedford resident, loves butterflies.

        Schuler, a recently retired registered nurse, developed this passion as a child growing up in Florida. Back then, she noted, nobody had computer games, let alone TVs. Children played outside and one of the activities they did was chase butterflies.

        “Everybody had a butterfly collection,” she said.

  • Benefits should be extended. Just don’t add to the deficit

    Congress was expected to pass a bill this week extending unemployment benefits to more than 2.5 million workers who had those benefits lapse in June.

        Extending those benefits — at a cost of about $34 billion — needed to be done, but there was a better way to pay for it.

  • Letters

    Parting from its raising

        I read with great interest your article entitled “Former Foundation board member concerned by Stalin bust” in last week’s edition of the Bedford Bulletin. 

  • Bill will help hard-hit construction sector while saving families money

    For eighteen months, I have been fighting for Congress to pass simple legislation to support American manufacturing and construction. Washington seems to lack the urgency that I sense back home on Main Street.

  • Working for peace in the Middle East

    Earlier this month I had the invaluable opportunity to travel to Israel as part of a Congressional delegation.  The delegation met with a variety of Israeli and Palestinian government leaders to discuss issues related to the ongoing violence in the region and efforts to further the peace process.

  • Perriello building campaign war chest

        In this year’s Fifth District Congressional race, we get a rare opportunity to watch a national political drama play out in our own backyards.

        Democrat Tom Perriello is defending his seat after a highly unlikely 727-vote defeat of Virgil Goode two years ago. But he’s running in a dramatic atmosphere tied up with a mid-term fate that hangs in the balance for another unlikely election victor: Barack Obama.

  • The liberal recipe for disaster

        I’ve always wondered how liberals come to think like they do. Were they all dropped on their heads when they were babies? Do they habitually eat beans for supper and then sleep with the covers over their heads?