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  • Providing for our military and our veterans

    America’s veterans have engaged in one of the noblest forms of public service: defending our nation.  These brave, patriotic men and women have helped to liberate victims of oppression, spread democracy across the world and preserve the freedoms our nation was built upon.  They have served on aircraft carriers in distant oceans, kept the peace on volatile borders, and patrolled the skies of international hot spots.  Theirs is a service marked by humility and born of a love of country.  For these selfless actions, we in turn have a responsibility to ensure that our

  • Steamroll the GOP on health care

        President Barack Obama has bent over backwards to try and be “bipartisan” about health care reform. From the beginning of his administration, and on every single issue, this president has made what most consider a noble effort to get support for his policies from the other party.

  • ObamaCare supporters in deep panic

        President Barack Obama’s radical overhaul of America’s health care system is running into a serious problem. The problem is that most people don’t want it, and most of those who don’t want it have made sure that their congressmen and senators know of their opposition.

  • Jeff Forest poised to nab golf crown

     By Mike Forster


  • Golden Eagles have much to cheer about

    The Staunton River cheerleading team took to the sands of Myrtle Beach.

    There, it competed in the UCA Cheer Camp.

  • Turpin named to PHCC Hall of Fame

      Patrick Henry Community College’s Athletic Director released the 2009 Hall of Fame inductees, and a Bedford athlete was included on the list.

  • On the Beach--commentary

       The wife and I spent the last week in Virginia Beach doing, well, beach things:  hitting the surf, enjoying a frosty beverage on the balcony and eating our share of good food.

  • Putney predicts: Budget woes to get worse

        Virginia is facing a $1.5 billion revenue shortfall in its two year budget.

        The Commonwealth budgets on a two-year cycle. On even numbered years, the General Assembly meets in a long session to adopt a budget. On odd numbered years, it convenes in a short session to tweak the budget. In the meantime, the governor can make cuts if state revenue fails to meet expectations.

  • History teachers meet history makers

        A group of Virginia history teachers got a chance recently to meet some men who made the history that they teach.

  • Goff elected to state office with FFA

    Elizabeth Goff  was recently elected Southside Area Vice President of the Virginia State FFA

        “This is a huge honor for her that carries a lot of perks as well as a tremendous amount of responsibility,” stated Lindsay Tomlinson,  Ag/FFA at Liberty High School.

        Goff was nominated and elected at the 83rd Annual Virginia State FFA Convention, held in Blacksburg June 22-25 after a grueling series of interviews. Goff graduated from LHS this past year as part of the Early College Program at CVCC.