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    Parting from its raising

        I read with great interest your article entitled “Former Foundation board member concerned by Stalin bust” in last week’s edition of the Bedford Bulletin. 

  • Bill will help hard-hit construction sector while saving families money

    For eighteen months, I have been fighting for Congress to pass simple legislation to support American manufacturing and construction. Washington seems to lack the urgency that I sense back home on Main Street.

  • Working for peace in the Middle East

    Earlier this month I had the invaluable opportunity to travel to Israel as part of a Congressional delegation.  The delegation met with a variety of Israeli and Palestinian government leaders to discuss issues related to the ongoing violence in the region and efforts to further the peace process.

  • Perriello building campaign war chest

        In this year’s Fifth District Congressional race, we get a rare opportunity to watch a national political drama play out in our own backyards.

        Democrat Tom Perriello is defending his seat after a highly unlikely 727-vote defeat of Virgil Goode two years ago. But he’s running in a dramatic atmosphere tied up with a mid-term fate that hangs in the balance for another unlikely election victor: Barack Obama.

  • The liberal recipe for disaster

        I’ve always wondered how liberals come to think like they do. Were they all dropped on their heads when they were babies? Do they habitually eat beans for supper and then sleep with the covers over their heads?

  • Sports commentary: On my own dime

    The wife and I headed to Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend.

  • Camp draws 'Major' attention

    With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, can it get any more exciting for soccer aficionados?

  • Photo of the week: Tough landing

    Not to worry, folks, everything is OK.  Despite the fact that it appears this hot air balloon wound up in the trees, it was actually in an open pasture, according to photographer Don Stanley, who sent it in as our photo of the week.  Don saw the balloon landing beside Centerville Road on Memorial Day. 

  • Majority agrees that Stalin sculpture a total bust

    About 100 people turned out for a forum last week to voice their opinion on the bust of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin that was placed at the National D-Day Memorial on June 1.

        The forum was held in the large third floor room at the Bedford Museum with Tony Ware, a former Bedford County supervisor, serving as moderator. The format called for Ware to call speakers alternating between those who favor the bust and those who oppose. That didn’t last long as the vast majority of those who turned out opposed the bust.

  • Area law enforcement steps up to help one of its own

    A Roanoke County police officer, with Bedford County roots, is facing a life-threatening challenge.

        Adam Childress grew up in the Bedford area and graduated from Liberty High School. His maternal grandparents, Warner and Joyce Scott, live in Bedford and his father, Doug Childress, lives in Forest. His younger brother, Ian Childress, will start a job at LHS this fall. He graduated from Liberty University this spring with a degree in sports management.