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  • History will vindicate Barack Obama

         Now that he’s out of office, attention turns away from our 44th president to this new creature installed by angry white people, Russian election tampering, and the ridiculous, much in need of abolishment, Electoral College.
        It won’t take long for Americans to notice the difference in the transition from a good and decent man, highly intelligent and articulate, to this billionaire rabble-rouser with botched language skills and a teen-aged Twitter obsession.

  • Hey left-wingers, it could be worse

        Folks on the left are really upset about President Trump. His flurry of executive orders have already gone a long way to erasing Barack Obama’s legacy.

  • Extra Points: Pro-Bowl

        The past week has been difficult for me in a lot of different ways. Things that were supposed to happen didn’t and things that no one ever wished to happen, happened. So of course, this week has been difficult and I have felt unfocused. But luckily I was able to have a relaxing weekend which helped.
        I have been trying to filter negative stuff out of my life because it is hard to be happy when so many people are trying to drag others down when they are unhappy.

  • Jefferson Forest wins Conference 23 swimming

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        The Jefferson Forest swim team took first place with 267 points at the Conference 23 swim meet this past Saturday.
        Glass finished second with 137, Charlottesville finished third, LCA finished fourth, George Washington finished fifth and Amherst finished sixth.

  • Forest falls to Liberty

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        It was more of a contest between John Saunier, of JF, and Raheem Anthony, of Liberty, trying to outscore each other and lead their teams to a victory, but it was Liberty that knocked off Jefferson Forest by five points during the Bedford County rivalry contest.
        The Cavaliers tried for a fourth quarter comeback but were unable to take the lead and the Minutemen defeated JF 55-50 last Saturday.

  • Jefferson Forest girls extend record

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        The Jefferson Forest girls basketball team defeated Amherst 56-31 in a makeup contest last Saturday.
        The Lady Lancers took the lead in the first period 6-5. But The Lady Cavaliers battled in the second and outscored Amherst 16-7.
        JF led 21-13 at halftime.
        Forest came out in the third and scored a game high of 23 points and held the Lady Lancers to only 8 points.

  • Faulty electrical wiring cause of fatal fire

        Faulty electrical wiring was the cause of the accidental fire at 708 Grove Street in Bedford on Jan. 17 that claimed the life of a 4-year-old girl, according to Jeff Pauley, fire marshal for Bedford County.

        At a news conference Monday, Pauley said a call about the fire was placed at 4:51 a.m. by a 17-year-old teenager living at the home from a bedroom on the second floor. She had been awake since 4:30 a.m., but about 20 minutes later heard her brother yell that there was a fire in the house.

  • Not fully implenting ObamaCare was a wise move for Virginia

    By Senator Steve Newman

  • Real America at the Women’s March

        Inaugural week in Washington demonstrated that the benefits of a free society, which include the right to protest, can produce an outpouring of solidarity, determination, and a grand statement to a new and highly unpopular president: You’re illegitimate, and we know it!

  • Focus on East Asia

        I watched the Inauguration last week. President Donald Trump’s speech was inspiring.