Today's News

  • Wharton Foundation's role expands with merger

        The Wharton Memorial Foundation and the Bedford Academy for the Arts ended the old year by becoming one. The merger took place in September.

        The Wharton Memorial Foundation was formally organized in 1997, according to Fred Duis, the foundation’s vice president and a founding member. Its roots go back to the desire to set up a public garden.

  • Wiese commissioned as medical service officer

        Austin Wiese, a 2004 Jefferson Forest High School (JFHS) graduate, decided during his freshman year of high school to seek a career in the armed forces.

        “What better way to serve and to defend our nation’s values than to be in the military?” he commented.

        Wiese said that his paternal grandfather, Colonel William Wiese, was a major influence in that decision. Col. Wiese, an Air Force officer, flew combat missions in Vietnam in the F-105.

  • Obama takes heat from the left

        We say goodbye to 2008 tonight and greet a brand new year tomorrow. Shortly, we will also greet a brand new president when Barack Obama is sworn in as our 44th president. As the old year winds down, he's already taking some heat — from his own party.

  • Saying goodbye to 2008

        That time of the year has arrived again in which we think about what has passed and ponder what may be ahead.

        The United States is, in 2008, in a major recession. We just went through a Christmas season in which retail business may have seen recent record lows in holiday spending. The auto industry got a bailout, but one that was modest compared to what was done for the financial markets.

  • Letters

    Pennies make dollars

        When I was a young child my parents used to say: “Son, save your pennies as they make dollars.”

        So to this day I watch my pennies, nickels and dimes when shopping. It is a sad commentary, recently, to experience at the check out counter of two stores here in Bedford being charged more for an item than posted on their shelves under the items chosen.

  • Big bucks bonanza: Commentary

       A few weeks ago, I wrote a screed, ranting about the fact that insurance giant AIG continues to maintain its sponsorship of the Manchester United soccer team.  That sponsorship continues in the face of the fact that the U.S. taxpayers are keeping AIG afloat.

  • Minutemen put it together to top speedy Eagles



  • Lady Eagles rally to overtake Minettes

    After playing the first half to a draw, Staunton River stepped it up after halftime to top Liberty 51-37.

  • Cavs out-wrestle Brookville for first time in history

    In a match that was two parts strategy, three parts talent and one part alignment of the stars, the Jefferson Forest wrestling team did something that has never been done before:  It beat Brookville.

  • On Al, OJ and the NFL: Commentary

      I’m sure glad the wife locked down our Christmas plans early.  That way, in the event we’re invited to the Grohs’ house, I’ll have a ready-made (honest) excuse to decline.