Today's News

  • Company A coming back home early

    The Bedford Boys are coming home early.

        Lieutenant Colonel Scott Smith, commander of the 1st Battalion, 116th Infantry Regiment, confirmed the news in a telephone news conference last week. This unit includes Bedford’s Company A and Lt. Col. Smith is the commander in Iraq.

        This is Company A’s third deployment in federal service. The first was when it was mobilized in 1941. The second was for a deployment to Afghanistan in 2004.

  • A labor of love

    A 20-year-old Bedford County woman headed back to Africa last week to resume her labor of love.

        Renee Bach, who turns 21 this month, went to Uganda on what was to be a short-term mission trip when she was 18. That trip, however, turned into something permanent. Based on what she saw during her first year there and what she believes God had called her to do, she set up a non-profit organization called Serving His Children.

  • Newspaper, congressman weigh in on Stalin bust

    The controversy surrounding the bust of Joseph Stalin, currently on display at the National D-Day Memorial here, continues to draw national attention. This week both the Washington Post and Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello weighed in on the issue.

        And a local forum will be held next Wednesday to give area residents a chance to express their views.

        Perriello sent a letter June 23 to Robert Bradley, chairman of the Memorial Foundation, expressing his concerns about the Stalin bust.

  • Being a team player goes two ways

        A couple of weeks ago, I urged people who don’t think a bust of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin belongs at the National D-Day Memorial to be team players as far as the Memorial, itself, goes. It’s really hard to do that when D-Day Memorial Foundation decision makers apparently won’t let them do it.

  • Letters

    Restoring the Mill

        I have been a member of the Big Otter Mill Commission, who have been working for some time to get the Big Otter Mill back into working order, since the summer of 2007. The progress we have made since then has been simply amazing. The actual water wheel, which was 18 feet in diameter by 6 feet wide, and weighing roughly 8 tons, has been hoisted off its bearings, and disassembled. We have placed an order to get new buckets manufactured, which we should receive about two months hence.

  • Unemployed workers deserve extended benefits

    It is far too easy for those in Washington to forget just how brutal this economy is for working families back home. Every weekend when I travel around the 5th district, I hear stories of the struggles of those who are looking for work or trying to make ends meet in these tough times. It has become increasingly clear to me that the elites in the United States Senate have completely lost touch with the struggles and challenges of the people they represent.

  • A fiscally responsible budget

    This week House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced that, in fact, the House Democrats will not produce a federal budget resolution for fiscal year 2011.  This marks the first time since the passage of the Budget Act of 1974 that the House of Representatives has failed to pass an initial budget, setting the spending priorities for the following fiscal year.  What does this mean for American taxpayers?

  • Tough times for President Obama

        Everyone knew that whoever won the 2008 presidential campaign would have to face tough issues and many a difficult choice inheriting the mess left by George W. Bush.

        Newsweek and NBC reporter Howard Fineman has written that President Barack Obama is “hunkered down” these days in the White House, under siege from the weight of the troubles he’s facing.

  • The stage is set

    Congressman Tom Perriello is looking forward to a substantiative debate on the issues as he seeks a second term in Congress. Perriello represents the 5th Congressional district which includes Bedford and most of Bedford County. The district runs from the North Carolina border to north of Charlottesville and is approximately the size of New Jersey.

        The Republicans have nominated state Sen. Robert Hurt to square off against Perriello and a third candidate, Jeffrey Clark, has thrown his hat into the ring as an independent.

  • Forest falls to Falls in State semis

    Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you.

    Jefferson Forest’s baseball team chose the wrong time to leave its “A” game at home.