Today's News

  • Controversy over new gymnasium

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        The county board of supervisors and the school board decided in December of 2015 they were going to build a new competition gym at Liberty High School along with the new Middle School that will be built.
        The county allocated $6 million of the budget to go to the construction of the new competition gym at Liberty.

  • Forest boys tennis

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        The Jefferson Forest boys tennis team fell 5-0 to E.C. Glass on Wednesday, May 11 in the second round of the Conference 23 tournament.
        “We had a good season and all of our players worked very hard to improve throughout the year.  I really appreciate the four seniors that we had for their leadership of the younger players,” said JF Coach Tyler Johnston.

  • Bedford County boys baseball

    Forest baseball wins Seminole Championship

  • Bedford County softball

    Staunton River softball defeats Glenvar

  • Transient occupancy tax delayed

        The increase in Bedford County’s transient occupancy tax won’t take effect until Jan. 1.

        The supervisors voted 6-0, Monday night, with District 4 Supervisor John Sharp absent, to delay the increase. The action was taken due to concern over the impact a July 1 effective date would have on contracts for summer rentals that had already been paid before the supervisors voted, last month, to raise the tax.

  • Of our American rights and freedoms, which one would you choose to celebrate and why?

    By Anna Barrett
    Liberty HS Good Citizen
    Sponsored by Peaks of Otter NSDAR

        As Americans, we are privileged to have an abundance of rights and freedoms at out hands.  Would being able to call yourself an American mean anything if we didn’t have these freedoms? 

  • Muslim elected mayor; sky didn’t fall

        Something happened recently in one of the world’s great cities, London, England, that, sadly, probably couldn’t happen yet in America.
        Sadiq Khan, a practicing Muslim, was sworn in as mayor of that city after his victory over a Trump-like candidate. His Conservative Party opponent – like Ben Carson here – had openly questioned whether Khan’s religion was appropriate. It looks like the voters answered that question.

  • Is he being honest?

        Although  we’re still hearing a lot of fussing and fuming from Republican Party leaders about Donald Trump, I think they are going to come to terms with the fact that, like it or not, he is going to be their party’s nominee for president.  They will grudgingly begin to support him as the only alternative will be Hillary Clinton getting elected. That would be dreadful.

  • National EMS Week

        When you or your loved one suffers from a medical emergency, it is Virginia’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel who are relied upon to respond quickly to the call for help and provide quality prehospital care. Last year, EMS providers responded to just over 1.4 million calls for help in Virginia, approximately 3,879 incidents per day.

  • Local first responders are a community’s greatest asset

    By Congressman Robert Hurt