• Protecting our national security

    What if I told you that every year the U.S. government holds a national immigration ‘lottery’ by which 50,000 individuals become legal permanent residents of the U.S. purely at random and that since 1995 nearly one million visas have been handed out through this program. Most of my constituents are shocked to learn that such a program exists.

  • Alert: School is back

    By Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown

    540-586-4800 Emergency: Dial 9-1-1


  • Even liberals take summer vacations

        Every now and then, in this space, I like to take a little time off from the weighty battles of American political life and just have some fun.

        Fun, that is, with a subject that’s not political at all, but don’t worry, I’ll find a way to take some jabs at conservatives. I wouldn’t want to let anyone down.

  • Deep cuts to defense are dangerous

        As members of Congress figure out how they are going to reduce federal spending, they must avoid making deep cuts in our defense spending.

  • Laying veterans to rest

        In an effort to show its appreciation for their service, the U.S. has granted certain benefits to help with the costs of laying our veterans to rest.

        The burial benefits available for eligible veterans include burial allowance, plot or internment allowance, headstones or markers, a U.S. flag, a presidential memorial certificate and military funeral honors, including an honor guard and playing of “Taps”.

  • The House is fighting to change the spending culture in Washington

    Over the past several weeks Washington has been seized with the issue regarding the President’s request to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.


  • Getting the nation’s fiscal house in order

    For months now the Leadership in the Congress and the Administration have been negotiating the amount of money that the federal government is allowed to borrow. Unfortunately, because of continued out-of-control spending, Congress was yet again asked to increase the debt ceiling – not to create new spending, but to pay for what Congress has already obligated.


  • Cut the Pentagon budget deeply

        Finally, there is a consensus on both sides of the aisle in Congress that, yes, military spending is far too high and has been for quite some time.

        Therefore, it must be cut, especially at a time when everyone else (except the rich, of course) is being asked to sacrifice. We have to reform a military budget that is roughly one quarter of what we spend each year.

  • Terrorists and enemies?

         Last week saw some pretty outlandish outbursts from the left ranging from the highest levels, (Vice President Joe Biden) to the lowest (Rick Howell’s The Liberal Agenda).

        Uncle Joe called tea party backed Republicans “terrorists.” Biden made the remark in a closed door “Democratic” caucus meeting and later denied making it. However, according to Politico’s website, several sources who were present at the meeting stated that Biden indeed said it.

  • Put out the fire!

    History was made Friday when Standard & Poors, one of three ratings agencies, downgraded American sovereign debt from AAA to AA+. It's the first time ever that America's credit rating has taken a hit. The downgrade affects long-term bonds.