• Government’s involvement in healthcare

    By Delegate Kathy Byron

        How much involvement should government have in healthcare?  That question has been extensively discussed at the national level over the last several years, as America begins to deal with the effects of the implementation of what we commonly call “ObamaCare.”  But, the debate over the extent of government involvement in healthcare decisions is not limited to any single federal government act.  Instead, it is a frequent topic of debate by government at the state and national level.

  • A first-rate SOTU address

    My president and yours, Barack Obama, last week rendered a very fine State of the Union address, one that the media noted “might be his last.”
        We’ll see about that…But the 44th President of the United States laid out the case for his common sense agenda of job growth, tax relief for the middle class, and increased taxes on the super rich.

  • Time for a Constitutional amendment

  • The Spirit of Liberty

    hank you, students and teachers, at Liberty High School. You’re making a difference.
        Anyone who has driven or walked through the Centertown Park area of Bedford the past few months has been able to enjoy the efforts of a number of students from the high school who have spruced up the Park with decorations.
        The effort shows initiative, hard work and community spirit. That’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  • A Formal Rejection Of The Keystone Pipeline Is A Formal Rejection Of Much Needed American Jobs

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    Despite widespread support for approval of the pipeline and despite the State Department denying allegations of potential significant environmental impacts, the President has formally rejected approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline. In doing so, he is blocking the creation of thousands of much-needed American jobs and preventing the private sector from investing billions of dollars in our struggling economy.


  • The Keystone Pipeline: Key to our economic recovery

  • Switch to Traditional Medicare still possible

    By Rev. Geoff Hubbard
    Chair of the Board of Directors
    Bedford Parish Nurse Ministry

  • Bashing the ‘Massachusetts moderate’

    Newt Gingrich’s win in the South Carolina primary was a victory for the so-called social conservatives, and all the other right-wingers who practice conservatism like it’s a religion.
        In other words, it was a win for all the worst and most extreme elements in American politics.

  • Beware of unintended consequences

  • The Keystone Kops

    here seems to be a revival of incompetence as it applies to the proposed Keystone pipeline.
        And just like their fictional counterparts of the silent film comedies in the early 20th century, those who seek to police this issue operate in a state of confusion, uncertain of what to do but determined to do it anyway.
        The problem with these Kops, however, is that the stakes are real. And the consequences of their actions, if followed, will have long-lasting destructive effects for our country.