• Class divisions have always existed

        President Obama’s recent proposal to levy new taxes on millionaires and billionaires has produced the cry we always hear from the right when the imperial privileges of the wealthy are questioned.

         “Class war; class war!!” The belief is that we musn’t mention class in America because, well, there’s just something Communist about it.

  • Oh deer!

        Deer season is in full swing. Archery season began on Oct. 1. I’ve always admired those guys who have enough patience to perch in a tree stand waiting to get a good shot — a level of patience that I lack. I especially admire those guys who can actually hit something using a bow. If you put a bow in my hands, the safest place to stand would be in front of the target as that is the one spot where I can guarantee that an arrow will not go.

  • Protect your home, family from fire

    What’s the best way to protect your family from fire? Be ahead of the game, of course, states the Virginia Department of Fire Programs.

        This year’s campaign focuses on preventing the leading causes of home fires — cooking, heating and electrical equipment, as well as candles and smoking materials. Additionally, it urges people to protect their homes and families with life-saving technology and planning.

  • The House is working to help spur job creation

    We spent this past District Work Week making more stops across Central and Southside Virginia to meet with, hear from, and talk to 5th District Virginians.


  • We must work together to create jobs

    With the national unemployment rate hovering around nine percent, millions of Americans are still struggling to find work. The constant threat of out-of-control spending, higher taxes, and excessive regulation from Washington has resulted in job creators sitting on the sidelines, and the worst unemployment in decades.

  • Be a part of the solution

    By Cindy and Danny Torrence

  • Turn around before it’s too late

        Michelle Bachmann suggested, last month, that the earthquake in Virginia and Hurricane Irene indicate that America is under divine judgement because of the federal government’s policies.

  • TRAIN Act helps get the economy on the right track

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    With unemployment remaining unacceptably high across the 5th District and the country, the U.S House of Representatives has focused on promoting pro-growth policies that would remove the federal government as a barrier to job creation and help get our economy back on track.

  • Speak out America

    Over a year ago House Republicans launched a new online forum, AmericaSpeakingOut.com, where folks from all over our nation could log-on and share their thoughts and suggestions for the future of our country.  AmericaSpeakingout.com is a fully interactive, one of a kind website that allows you to talk about your own ideas while also commenting on the ideas of others. This site was the start of a national dialogue that brought the halls of Congress into American homes.

  • The wealthy must pay more taxes

        Finally, President Barack Obama has adopted a crusade that is not only correct, reasonable, and completely fair, it’s one that clearly has popular support and could help him win re-election.

        One of the reasons our deficit is so high has been the continued policy of providing tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Ronald Reagan was the first to pursue this. He combined this particular revenue loss with massive military spending, and that’s what started the country on the road toward the high deficits of today.