• Letters 09/29/10

    Not the norm

        Around the 20th of August I rode through the cemetery. I’ve lived in Bedford all my life and never had I seen the cemetery look as overgrown. However, the month of August we had a lot of rain and sun. The people of Bedford keep neat well cared for lawns, but much of August they were like the cemetery, they did not look good. Grass went from very brown to extremely green and grew fast. (Very fast.) It was almost wet all day, everyday.

  • Letters 09/22/10

    Farm Tour a great success

  • Letters 09/15/10

    Actions speak louder

        In the midst of appalling fear-provoking political rhetoric that has assaulted us daily through all types of media--even scurrilous billboard signs--it is a relief that Congressman Tom Perriello has refused to add to the pollution.  He encourages debate on issues, not argument, and  recommends that his supporters and staff  research and communicate the facts about issues.

  • Letters 09/08/2010

    Supports unions

  • Letters 09/08/2010

    Supports unions

  • Letters 09/01/10

    Who has been spending?

        George W. Bush only vetoed 12 bills in 8 years. One was in 2006 when the Republicans controlled congress. The rest were in 2007 and 2008 when the Democrats controlled Congress.
        Four vetoes were overridden by House and Senate. Two of the vetoed bills were rewritten, resubmitted and passed by president. So six of the 12 vetoes were eventually resolved.

  • Letters 08/25/10

    Unbelievable support

  • Letters 08/18/10

    National Night Out

        Last week, the Bedford Police Department conducted its first annual National Night Out.  This event is an opportunity for the various communities and their Police Department to make a positive statement and a collective effort to prevent crime. 

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    at park

        After taking my two granddaughters to Liberty Lake Park for a picnic, to play and to see the ducks this past Saturday, I wanted you to know that I was very sad and disappointed to see this beautiful park in such sad and terrible conditions.

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    Fire Robin Reed

        Fire Robin Reed. Yes he should be fired for taking this long to make a decision on the Stalin bust.
        Anyone making the kind of money he is making and can’t make a decision within 48 to 72 hours should not be in a responsible position.
        And anyone associated with any responsibility for the Stalin bust should be terminated also.
        He [Stalin] is not what the Memorial is all about.