• Letters 05/22/13

    Wants apology

        I fully agree and support the request of the chairman for the Bedford County Board of Supervisors that we move on past the issue of Supervisor Pollards comments.
        I am certain Bedford County teachers will gladly do that when they collectively receive the apology from Supervisor Pollard that they rightfully deserve.

  • Letters 05/15/13

    A vision for
    success or
        I was stunned as I read Annie Pollard’s reference to teachers asking for a raise as “crybabies.”
        I assumed that she was stressed by the difficult decisions faced in regard to funding schools and county commitments. Further, removed from the heat of the moment she would surely apologize and move on to try to balance the needs of teachers to have a reasonable salary with the ability of the community to meet that need.

  • Letters 05/08/13

    Back to the Bible

        Our country was founded on the principle of God’s word because our forefathers realized that there is a superior power than that of man and because God has already defined marriage, man cannot redefine it.
        Man cannot establish same sex marriages without redefining marriage and since God’s law is superior to man’s law, our government has no authority to do so.
        Man can establish same sex unions with the same governmental benefits as married couples.

  • Letters 05/01/13

    It makes sense

        Sheriff Mike Brown requested deputies for all our public schools in Bedford County. He wanted the cost of this to come out of the county’s 2013-2014 budget. In light of what has been happening in our schools over the last year, this makes incredible sense. It would provide some measure of safety for our kids.

  • Letters 04/24/13

    Inspired by book

        I have just finished reading “The Bedford Boys” by Alex Kershaw after it was recommended by a good friend of mine to read.

  • Letters 04/17/13

    More information
        Back in 2006 many Bedford residents were solicited and responded to make a five year pledge/commitment for the construction of the Bedford Hospice House.
        In July 2009 there was an additional appeal to fund an endowment fund.
        In August 2011 there was a dedication ceremony.
        In December 2012 operations were suspended and it has been quiet ever since.

  • Letters 04/03/13


        As a recent retiree, I enjoy watching the news daily on both Ch 10 & Ch 13.
        In recent months, several traffic accidents have occurred where a motorist has rolled their vehicle ( car, truck or tractor trailer). In most cases, the driver has been charged with “failure to have their vehicle under control.”
        A police officer or fireman can roll their vehicle and be excused.

  • Letters 03/27/12

    according to state law

        On behalf of the City Council of Bedford, I would like to respond to the letter from Jonathan Buttram that appeared in the March 20 edition of the Bedford Bulletin. 

  • Letters 03/20/13

    That’s what I was thinking
        Being one of the 51 percent who voted for Obama,  I just want to respond to Richard Ruff’s letter to the Editor  (Bedford Bulletin March 13, 2013) “What were they thinking?”

  • Letters 03/13/13

    What's in the heart

        One of the great things about America is our democratic form of government, a government for the people by the people.
        Thomas Jefferson said, “The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed, not for the governors.” So in the spirit of democracy I’d like to propose a piece of legislation for our representatives to consider.