Today's Opinions

  • Accessing energy and creating jobs for Virginians

    &Each week, folks across Virginia and the nation are confronted with the rising cost of energy, from the price at the pump to soaring electric bills. However, Virginians understand that a major component in lessening energy costs is to produce more energy. 


  • Allen’s worst nightmare: Tim Kaine!

        Last week wasn’t good for George Allen. The popular former governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, who has most recently served as Democratic National Committee chairman, ended weeks of speculation with his formal entrance into the 2012 U.S. Senate race.

        Kaine had previously said he probably wasn’t interested in running for Senate, but that was before the incumbent Democrat, Jim Webb, bowed out. Kaine had been Option Number One for most Virginia Democrats since then.

  • Best entertainment value in Bedford

        Last week, the best entertainment value in Bedford turned out to be a board of supervisors budget work session. During the course of the work session, District 1 Supervisor Dale Wheeler likened Dr. Douglas Schuch to a copperhead and Xerxes, the 5th century B. C. Persian monarch who tried to conquer the Greek city-states.

        I don’t know if describing Dr. Schuch as a copperhead is accurate. He doesn’t seem particularly venomous. Overpaid, perhaps, but not venomous.

  • More than words are needed

    The Bedford County Board of Supervisors took a stand last week with the School Board’s adopted budget: Change your mind about closing any schools or forget about getting an extra $1.1 million in additional county funding.

  • Letters 04/06/11

    We did it! We lost more in Season 4

        Season 4 came and went with 26 participants, some of who were in previous “Biggest Loser in Bedford” sessions. It all is due to this wonderful idea of a healthier life style, versus just a “diet.” Diets come and go but those who attended this year’s “Biggest Loser” can attest to its success, especially those who have attended in the past three seasons.

  • The Financial Services Committee is focused on job creation

    In my first three months in Congress, our work on the Financial Services Committee, which has jurisdiction over all aspects of our nation’s financial and housing sectors, has been geared towards creating a better economic environment for job growth across the 5th District and the nation.


  • The Senate must act to cut spending

  • Politics on the Internet

        A central feature of the unfolding revolution in Egypt has been the use of the Internet, specifically, the use of “social media” outlets, such as Facebook, to organize meetings and protests.

        In our country, so far, the Internet is primarily used as a fundraising tool for candidates and campaigns. But if we ever had an upheaval such as the ones now circulating through the Arab world, the Internet would surely play a powerful role in organizing.