Today's Opinions

  • A victory for the Constitution & the American people

    Put down the pen and phone, Mr. President. That was the message from a federal appeals court just a few days ago. In a victory for the Constitution and the American people, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction preventing President Obama’s executive amnesty on immigration from being implemented.


  • Caring for our veterans

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Soering again

        Let’s hope Gov. Terry McAuliffe isn’t as irresponsible as Tim Kaine, the last Democrat to serve as Governor of the Commonwealth, when it comes to considering the outlandish request by convicted double murderer Jens Soering to be transferred to a prison in Germany to serve his term.

  • It’s too late for no-fly zones

        As I’ve mentioned before, President Barack Obama’s conduct of foreign policy gives me grave concern because I believe he is incompetent. His unwillingness to spend money on necessary defense projects along with his willingness to repeatedly reduce the size of the Army is another cause for grave concern.

  • Let’s not fall into a Syrian sinkhole

        There is no sadder place on Earth today than Syria. It is not easy to correctly describe the suffering that has gone on for several years in that country.
        A civil war against the autocratic regime of President Bashir Assad has produced hundreds of thousands of deaths, and has forced millions to leave their homes.
        Much of the world is mystified over what to do about it. It’s also difficult to accept what may well be the truth about it: There’s little that any country can realistically do.

  • Thanking our nation’s veterans

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • A more muscular foreign policy?

        Recent news stories are making me wonder if President Barack Obama is finally starting to use some sense when it comes to foreign policy. I’ve entertained that thought before only to realize that I was wrong.
        This president’s foreign policy has ranged from incoherent to incompetent.

  • For your sake, watch out for the deer

        Bedford area residents know all too well the tragedy that can come from hitting a deer with a vehicle.
        Last year, county residents were involved in 128 deer-related accidents, among the leaders throughout the commonwealth.
        The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) notes that November is the most dangerous month for deer-related crashes in Virginia and is urging motorists to buckle up, slow down and be observant.