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  • Up next…Newt Gingrich…really?

    It’s been so much fun this year watching these far-right Republicans wrench themselves into shapes unimaginable trying to find the correct “true conservative” to carry their GOP presidential banner.

        Indeed, I am almost sad to see 2011 go because it’s just been so entertaining to witness this parade of clowns, pretenders, and unqualified wannabes – extremists all – audition for their party’s last shot at Barack Obama.

  • Time to get over it

        Back when I was a kid I used to stay up late on Saturday nights and watch something called Chiller Theater. It came out of the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh, which was near the town where I grew up, and featured a horror flick each week.

        One memorable episode from that time came in the middle of the night after watching a werewolf movie. I got up to answer the call of nature and, still half asleep, swung my feet out of the bed. Suddenly, I felt something hairy under my feet! GRRRR!!!!

  • Decision by Administration is right one

    Whether it was a move to try and gain political capital with conservative voters or just an attempt to do the right thing, the Obama Administration made the right move in denying young teens the opportunity to purchase the so called “morning after” pill without a prescription.

        The move certainly won’t sit well with the President’s liberal base, but he knows they’re not going anywhere.

  • Letters 12/07/11


        I would like to comment on how good the Christmas lights in town look. They  are finally up facing the street. They look a w e s o m e! Way to go.

    Sharon Graham

    Thanks for change

        First, I would like to “Thank” Frank West for his letter regarding the Christmas lights in downtown Bedford.

  • Removing red tape to create jobs

    Congressman Robert Hurt


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    Over the past three years, we have seen the size and scope of the federal government grow to an unprecedented level, resulting in an influx of government regulations that are crippling our job creators and small businesses.


  • Tax reform is critical to our future success

    Many Americans continue to struggle with unemployment and an increased cost of living due in large part to our sluggish economy. They are looking to Washington to advance policies that tear down the barriers to job creation and get our nation back on the right track.


  • Cuccinelli rains on Bill Bolling’s parade

    No one expected the next Virginia gubernatorial campaign, set for 2013, to make big news quite this early. But our ambitious attorney general has a way of dropping bombs.

        Ken Cuccinelli had previously stated several times that he wouldn’t seek his party’s nomination for governor. He was expected to “defer” to the lieutenant governor, Bill Bolling, as Bolling had done for Bob McDonnell in 2009.

  • Alas, poor Dale!

        Alas, poor Dale! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest.