Today's Opinions

  • The wealthy must pay more taxes

        Finally, President Barack Obama has adopted a crusade that is not only correct, reasonable, and completely fair, it’s one that clearly has popular support and could help him win re-election.

        One of the reasons our deficit is so high has been the continued policy of providing tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Ronald Reagan was the first to pursue this. He combined this particular revenue loss with massive military spending, and that’s what started the country on the road toward the high deficits of today.

  • Rallying his base

  • PETA goes over the edge

    If there was ever any doubt about how far out of the mainstream the folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are, last week’s news should put that to rest.

        PETA, based out of Norfolk, announced it plans to use pornography to promote its cause.

  • Letters 09/21/11

    BCM addresses local need

        The fact that over 3,300 children in Bedford City and County are at risk of hunger came as no surprise.  The figure was cited in a recent article that focused on The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank’s recent survey. 

  • Protecting jobs from government interference

    By Congressman Robert Hurt


  • Working together to grow the economy

    Just days ago President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to lay out his plan to get Americans back to work and following that speech he sent his legislative proposal to Congress. I appreciate the President’s willingness to address this critical situation and like the President I am committed to finding meaningful ways to deal with our nation’s unemployment crisis. However, we cannot tax and spend our way out of this crisis.


  • A lot to talk about

    By District 2 Supervisor Chuck Neudorfer

        I will be holding my quarterly Town Meeting at the Moneta Library on Saturday morning, Sept. 24, from 10 to 11:30.  There are a lot of topics we can discuss.

  • Pay attention to legislative races

        Campaign signs have popped up everywhere in the Bedford, Roanoke and Lynchburg areas as state legislative races begin to come into focus. Or at least we hope so.

        It’s a shame that the public waits until the last minute to pay attention to Virginia General Assembly campaigns. Then when it finally does, not enough people actually vote.