Today's Opinions

  • Obama is correct on Libya

        I wasn’t able to listen to President Barack Obama’s speech, last week, when he explained his Libya policy. I was at the regular board of supervisors meeting that night.

  • Letters 03/30/11

    Thanks BCSO

        I want to take a moment to thank the Bedford Country Sheriff’s Office for their handling of the recent wave of car break-ins in our neighborhood.  The Sheriff’s office used reverse 911 calls to alert us to the  problem, patrolled the area regularly,  and then called again to let us know that the person(s) they think are responsible have been apprehended.

  • Preserving and strengthening Virginia’s agricultural industry

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    During this past District work week, I traveled to Charlottesville, Danville, South Boston, Altavista, Chatham, Buckingham, and Nelson and talked with constituents there and in the surrounding areas.


  • Reforming our flawed immigration policies

    Amazingly each year there is a national immigration ‘lottery’ by which approximately 50,000 foreign nationals receive green cards to become legal permanent residents of the U.S. Each successful applicant is chosen at random and given permanent resident status based on pure luck. The visa lottery program threatens national security, results in the unfair administration of our immigration laws, and encourages a cottage industry for fraudulent opportunists.


  • Triangle factory workers remembered

        There’s been a lot of attention lately on the March 25 anniversary of a tragic event from 100 years ago, when young women all over New York City worked longs hours for low pay in shirtwaist factories.

  • Serious unrest in Syria

  • Governor’s veto of unfunded mandate the right move

    Local school boards across Virginia got a bit of good news last week when Governor Bob McDonnell vetoed a mandatory physical education bill that would have cost them millions to implement. Now’s not the time to push more mandates on local school divisions seeking to balance some very tight budgets.

  • Letters 03/23/11

    Time to cut back

        It’s time the government cuts back on spending like everyone else is doing. Now is not the time for a property tax increase with the cost of everything going up!
        A lot of cuts could be made, especially in the school system. Most of the schools have a principal and two or three assistants at some ridiculously high salaries. Why so many assistants to the assistants?