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  • Letters 03/23/11

    Time to cut back

        It’s time the government cuts back on spending like everyone else is doing. Now is not the time for a property tax increase with the cost of everything going up!
        A lot of cuts could be made, especially in the school system. Most of the schools have a principal and two or three assistants at some ridiculously high salaries. Why so many assistants to the assistants?

  • Removing barriers to job growth

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    This past week in Congress we continued to focus on cutting spending and reducing unnecessary regulations to help create a better economic environment for job growth.


  • Working to eliminate government waste

  • An embarrassing GOP field

        It looks as though the 2012 presidential election just isn’t shaping up the way conservative Republicans had hoped. Here we are nearly into April, and still, not a single Republican has officially announced.

        The year before the election is always the time when campaigns form their initial committees, hire staff, and begin to raise money. Not to mention the all-important task of mapping out a specific strategy for winning the nomination.

  • Obama finally does something

        It looks like President Barack Obama is finally doing something about Libya, although it may be too little, too late.

  • Redistricting for safety

    he Fifth Congressional District in Virginia is already a monstrosity that stretches from Danville to Charlottesville, but a draft plan for the commonwealth’s new districts released last week reeks of gerrymandering and protectionism that borders on the absurd.

  • Letters 03/16/11

    Remembering Peter E. Viemeister

        Along with the citizens of Bedford, VA,  I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Peter E. Viemeister. My heartfelt condolences to his family and countless friends.

  • America can’t afford inaction

    Last year’s Congress failed in their most basic governing responsibility by not passing a budget for the first time since the Congressional Budget Act was adopted in 1974, and what we are currently seeing are the real and negative consequences of allowing reckless government spending to go unchecked.