Today's Opinions

  • Walker stands up for the people

        Liberals and “Democratic” Party activists are doing their best to portray the legislative standoff in Wisconsin as Republicans fighting against working people. In reality, it’s the result of a democratically elected governor and a democratically elected legislature with a Republican majority standing up for all the people of Wisconsin against well-organized special interests.

  • Cuccinelli was right, no matter how despicable it seems

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was right to not join with other states in the case between a family whose son was killed while serving in the military and the nut case Fred Phelps and his small band of followers from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas.

  • Letters 03/02/11

    Coming together

        Every so often you hear of communities coming together during a crisis.  With  the events on February 10, the Huddleston community did this by coming  together to assist in a fire that partially destroyed the home of Haden,  Cyndi, Kevin and Kimberly Nichols on Bethesda Road.

  • The 5th District economy needs the freedom to grow

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Enacting change

        This week, we had an example of a change being enacted after more than two decades of attempts.

  • Wisconsin: A wake-up call for workers

        John L. Lewis, the legendary leader of the United Mine Workers, put it this way many years ago: “Without organization, you’re a lone individual, without recognition or influence of any kind.”

        Lone individuals don’t fare well in the face of great corporate power. Lewis knew it then, and it’s still true today.

  • Obama is no Ronald Reagan

        I haven’t figured out whether President Barack Obama is going to turn out to be Slick Willy II, or Jimmy Carter Jr. Right now he seems to be vying with Carter for the honor of Worst President Ever. At least President Obama has the excuse of being probably the most inexperienced man ever elected president. He had little legislative experience and no executive experience at all. Carter’s only excuse is that he's a doofus.

        One thing is for sure: Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan.

  • Getting involved

    It’s encouraging to see the number of parents who have been turning out, speaking out and getting involved in the effort to keep Bedford Primary School from being closed. They have expressed themselves well and have made some good arguments.