Today's Opinions

  • Swift action

        The second-to-last week before the General Assembly adjourns for the year on February 28 brought swift action on legislation.  For me, those actions were both gratifying and frustrating.

  • Delayed filing results in loss of VA benefits

  • Mitch Daniels calls out conservatives

        For a party that thinks it’s going to win the White House next year, Republicans are off to a slow start with a weak potential field of candidates.

        Those who would walk to the strains of “Hail to the Chief” are certainly taking their time announcing their campaigns. In fact, not a single candidate has made an announcement, not even the imagined front-runner, Mitt Romney.

  • What a tangled Webb!

        I’m still curious why Senator Jim Webb announced that he won’t run for reelection.

  • Raising Kaine

    Former Virginia Governor and now Democratic National Chairman Tim Kaine is being touted as a possible candidate in 2012 to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jim Webb. Here’s hoping Kaine throws his hat in the ring.

        We have some questions we can’t wait to ask (and we've guessed at his projected answers). Such as:
        Bedford Bulletin - “Mr. Kaine, do you feel you have a good record of supporting law enforcement?”

  • Letters 02/16/11

    Thanks for cleanup

    I would like to thank Darryl McPeters, Danny Orange, and Art Reed for cleaning up the trees thrown down the slopes on Murray Hollow Road, 43 to be exact. Since last year. Our road looks so much better.

    Wynnie Foster

    Senseless acts

  • Charting a new course of fiscal discipline and restraint

    By Congressman Robert Hurt


  • Honoring and remembering our 40th President, Ronald Reagan

    Just days ago we marked what would have been the 100th birthday of our nation’s 40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan.  It was a time to honor a man who led such an extraordinary life which had a profound impact on the span of human history.

    President Reagan was born in a small town in Illinois.  At his birth his father remarked, “…who knows, he might grow up to be president some day.”  He couldn’t have known just how true these simple words would be one day.