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  • Veterans' Administration home loan program

    The home mortgage interest rate is now at the lowest it has been in decades.  In view of this favorable rate market you may be considering the purchase of a home or perhaps refinancing your existing home loan, in either case you may want to consider a loan guaranteed by VA.  The basic eligibility requirements include; active military service and discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.  

  • Beck and Palin have no answers

        This is the age of the wealthy right-wing celebrity who prances around acting as though he or she has all the answers for those of us who must actually work for a living.

        Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin get an awful lot of attention for two people who don’t hold governmental office and don’t have what the rest of us would really call jobs.

  • Remember 9/11

        Saturday marks the ninth anniversary of an event that still stands huge in my mind. That Tuesday was such a beautiful bright September morning and, while the weather didn’t change, everybody’s mood quickly darkened. As the events unfolded, somebody set up a TV at the receptionist’s desk. I can recall watching that TV as an airliner crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers.

  • Letters 09/01/10

    Who has been spending?

        George W. Bush only vetoed 12 bills in 8 years. One was in 2006 when the Republicans controlled congress. The rest were in 2007 and 2008 when the Democrats controlled Congress.
        Four vetoes were overridden by House and Senate. Two of the vetoed bills were rewritten, resubmitted and passed by president. So six of the 12 vetoes were eventually resolved.

  • Our commitment to our veterans must not end

  • Massive tax increases will hit all Americans

  • Understanding the workings of the Sheriff’s Office

    By Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown   


  • Combat mission in Iraq finally ends

        The last American combat troops pulled out of Iraq recently, bringing an end to a direct fighting role for the United States in a war of choice started by our previous president in March of 2003.

        In the history of our country, there has never been another war for which there was so little justification.